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DCFS Lakewood Branch

Country United States
State California
City Lakewood
Address 4060 Watson Plaza Dr
Phone (562) 497-3303

DCFS Lakewood Branch Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2018

My name is Jazmyne Arman , my daughter was taken from my mother in 2011 for neglect because my mother who I thought I was able to trust wanted custody and thought this was the beat way to go about it , getting my daughter put in the system , I got her back in March 2013 and gave birth to another child and went on with taking care of my kids until June 2015 when my son and daughter were left with family friend and my son died from unnatural causes. My daughter was taken from me at the police station , although I was out paying the rent , I was still considered neglectful because of the allegation of neglect from the previous case and because I fought to get my daughter back I never fought the allegation and this was their reason in taking my daughter , they also added things saying that I was previously abusive which is not found true either and somehow it was sustained. I kept fighting the case and I still kept living my life and became married , I was blessed with another child who remained with me at all times for 7 weeks and then at court , I was told I had to leave my home , because of these sustained allegations, that are more than false, I not only have a clean record I also do not do drugs and have stayed employed.

And I am still separated with absolutely no freedom, in court they keep trying to make allegations and add things to the reports , which I have all of. And this is not just humanely wrong but illegal.

The justice system is at the point where they don’t even help mothers and children part of situations were they are victimized , instead they look for things that don’t exist to make them right . I wish all this could be exposed and I am certain I am not the only person to have gone through the abuse of power within this system . These people are not interested in long term solutions for these kids , they are only interested in being right and getting paid. Incredibly sad what each and every child must endure when they go in the system and I know because I have been in the system and I’ve been coached also. I really hope this helps those parents out there that think they are alone because they are not. Just know no matter what you do , parenting classes and therapy that nothing is promised and should go after them in civil court no matter what.

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