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David Dorer

Country United States
State Georgia
City Macon
Address 327 Third Street
Phone 4782177442

David Dorer Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2019

This truthful review is being written under the First Ammendment of the US Constiution - as Free Speech.

It is with deep regret that I have to file this negative report on my own lawyer, David Dorer - whom we trusted to properly handle our case against a negligent Home Inspector.

I let this matter go for 2 years, because I wanted to put it behind me, but it still troubles us to this very day.

My husband and I bought a home in Blairsville, Georgia in 2013. The realtor, recommended a Home Inspection Company - Partin Homes Inspections. I made the mistake of taking her advise. The Inspector missed thousands of dollars of important things - like mold, etc, and we got stuck for all the repairs and health issues and our house in dis-array.

Originally, we hired a local lawyer named Francis Earl Wiggers. This lawyer took us for a $2,000 retainer and did nothing. After 8 weeks, he said all the money was GONE, and he did nothing on our case, nor had any proof of where the money went.

We did file 2 complaints with the State Bar of Georgia - but this "Lawyer Protection Racket Association" did nothing to help us - and mysteriously found no wrong doing on the part of Wiggers.

We did file a Negative Review on Wiggers on this site and 2 other sites.

In January, 2014, we started looking for another lawyer, and found David Dorer of the Dozier Law Firm in Macon, Georgia. We sent him some preliminary material on our case against Partin Home Inspection, and he seemed very williing to take our case on a contingency.

We lived over 4 hours - each way from his office in Macon, but did drive down there - spending money on gas and a rental car in early February, 2014. He took our case on contingency and showed us that our case was worth over $ 100,000 and there was Prescident in such cases.

Also, he found out that the home inspector had adequate insurance. Here is the long and the short of what happened. We kept up with Mr. Dorer, with evidence, photos of damage, reports from an expert, etc. Mr. Dorer finally filed a lawsuit on December 31, 2014 - but he filed it in the wrong court.

The lawyer for the Home Inspector protested the incorrect filing in the wrong county court. About 5 or 6 months later, in mid- 2015, he did file it in the correct court and county. Right after that, Mr. Dorer became rude and nasty towards us.

The lawyer for the home inspector told Dorer that the inspector did NOT have insurance to cover Errors and Omissions and Negligence. Also, he had no money and was "under water" on his home. I spent money on a Asset Locator, and could not find much.

Mr. Dorer wanted OUT of the case, but would not even try to find assets or any other insurance.

Basically, after this, he allowed our case to DIE LIKE A FISH IN THE CORNER. This is a term lawyers use when they wish they never taken a case.

I tried to help him, but he did nothing and I knew he was Abandoning Our Case.

The least he could have done for us, would have been to refer our case to another lawyer - who would dig into the matter and not just accept the WORD of the defendent's own attorney.

About March, 2017, I get an e-mail from Mr. Dorer saying this: "The Towns County Superior Court Had Dismissed Our Case Due to Lack of Prosecution."He sent back our entire file and all the work and photos we did.

In short we lost alot of money by Mr. Dorer allowing our case to expire this way. Also money we spent on photos, transportation, postage, 2 reports from an expert, repairs, and the Asset Locator.

I see, from looking at Online Reviews of David Dorer and the Dozier Law Firm - that he got alot of Glowing Reviews, except from 1 other person. Believe me, I wish I could give him such a wonderful review. However, the above fact speak for themselves.

I just wanted to tell our part of this sad story. In short, the Home Inspector got away with his negligence. We got the SHAFT from our own lawyer. Before, we hired David Dorer and the Dozier Law Firm, there was another - more local lawyer, who seemed interested in the case.

We did not file any complaint on Dorer, with the State Bar of Georgia - due to the previous experience with them regarding our complaint on Wiggers. We knew they would do nothing - as they are a known Lawyer Protection Association - as mentioned before.

We just did not want more aggrivation then we already suffered. If I had known how this would turn out, I would have presented our case to this other lawyer. However, Hindsight is 20/20. We no longer live in Georgia


Wish I had hired a different lawyer.

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