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David Cole Investments PLC

Country United States
State Alabama
City Town Creek
Address 144 Prospect St
Phone 314-720-5521

David Cole Investments PLC Reviews

  • Oct 1, 2016

I contacted David Temple AKA as David Cole after reviewing loan information on a popular financial website. He was recommended by some customers. He responded to my email and explained that he provided private personal loans to people with bad credit at low interest rates. He provided an application, which I completed and returned.

I received an email from him stating I was approved for the $7500.00 loan requested. I asked him about upfront fees and he stated there were no upfront fees required. I asked for a copy of his Business License, which he provided an International Lending Business License with the registration number and picture ID. I didn't accept the loan offer at that time since I wanted to conduct some research on his company to identify any possible illegal activities.

After about a week of research that turned up nothing in regard to his business I contacted him and stated I was interested in proceeding with the loan. Private personal loans were new to me so I was unsure of the processing. He advised me that I needed to send $100.00 via MoneyGram to James King, Transfer Agent in Alabama in order to wire the loan funds to my bank. I wired the money as instructed. He contacted me the next day and stated the bank would not process the loan for such a low amount, raising the loan amount to $15000.00 requesting I send an additional $300.00 the same as before to the same person for the additional loan funds, which I did. I was told that my loan would be wired to my bank within 2-3 days.

Two days later I received an email stating I needed to send an additional $1200.00 for an International transfer. fee, I refused to send any additional funds. He came back a few days later with an offer of $960.00 indicating the amounts changed due the flucuation of the market. Again the answer was, "No!"

I did not hear from him for a couple of weeks or so when he emailed me stating that I could work for him going online to various web sites referring customers to him. Upon contact from a person I referred applying for a loan I would receive my loan funds. I asked how he would know the referral was from me. I visited 3 wesites placing hs name as someone that provides personal loans. I emailed him advising that I had some pressing issues and really needed to get the loan processed.

The next thing I know I am notified by Scs Trust Bank in United Kingdom (UK) a DR Herman Codson, Remittance Director advising me that a fixed account had been established in my name with the $15000.00 (USD) loan funds deposited in it. He provided my login ID and password so I could complete the wire transfer to my USA bank. I completed the funds transfer form and received a message Cost of Transfer (C.O.T.) code needed before transfer completed. I was advised I needed to send $480.00 via MoneyGram to Clayton Salazar in Red Rock, TX in order to get the C.O.T. code. Once Mr. Salazar confirmed receipt of the funds my loan funds would be released. Unfamiliar with UK banking procedures and laws I sent the $480.00 and received the C.O.T. code. Mr. Codman guaranteed that my loan funds would be transfered upon completion of this process. I logged in and entered the code to complete the process. Another message received asking for a Tacx Clearance Code. This time I was told I need to send $1200.00 (USD) to receive the tax code. Since I was a non-resident of the UK I had to pay taxes on the International transfer according to information received from Central Bank. I refused to send any more additional money and requested a copy of the letter receivedfrom Central Bank and also the law referencing this payment. Neither was received.

IThe next email was from Barry Seawall, Chief Executive Officer, Scs Bank. He apologized for erroneous information provided by Mr. Codman. I explained my refusal to send additional funds. I get another email referencing an MOU with a referral to Barrister Joseph Serrano, Attorney. The MOU basically provided the terms of the loan. I then received an Invoice for Estimated Closing Costs for the loan transfer in the amount of $600.00 (USD) which were actually real estate transactions. I didn't buy property.

I received confirmation from the Bank's Fraud and Financial Crime Unit stating none of these people are employees or affiliated with Secure Trust Bank in any way. He will advise me when the website has been taken down. They are using the bank's name to committ fraud. Yet these scammers are still trying to convince me that they are just a different division of the bank. The address they are using is the same address of Secure Trust Bank.

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