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Dave Tafoya

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City

Dave Tafoya Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2015

In 2012 I was illegally pulled over. There is a lot to the story from beig illeaglly pulled over, to the cops lying, tampering with the camera video, to assualting me. Im gonna try and make this as short as I can. In order to cover up the illegal pull mover by Highway patrol and the assualt, one thing the the officer did was claim he seen me swallow drugs, so I was taken to the hosptial, the hospital did test to see if I had swallowed drugs and blood test to see if I was on drugs or had been drinking. The test came back that I had swallowed nothing and the blood test for drugs and achocol were negative. Furthere the police also drew blood and sent my blood to the state lab and it came back negative too.

When I was at the hospital the doctor told the police that I hadn't swallowed anything and the my blood test came back negative. Because of this the cops released me. Over a year later I was pulled over and found out that the cops charged me with a DUI anyway, and the driver license division supended my Utah license. When I went to court I found out the prosecuter refused the case against me because of my negative blood test.

When I was pulled over I wasn't a resident of Utah and hadn't bee since 1996. I came to Utah as much as I could as Im from Utah my family and my kids live in Utah. I had turned my Utah license in when I moved away. The driver license division sent a letter informing me I needed to request a hearning within ten days, but they sent it to an address I hadn't lived at since 1996. They also sent a letter to my sons old address, becausec I had the car I was driving whe I got pulled over registured in Utah at my sons address because he was using it. Thwew car was impounded and I didn't have the funds to get it out so when my son moved we didn't give the DLV a new address.

Every since I found out that the driver license division fined me and put a DUI on my record in I ahve called them explained what happened and asked them to remove the fines and DUI from my record. Its costing me a lot in insurance being higher and I can't get a drivers leince without the 400.00 dollar fine being paid. I moved back to Utah recently and wrote Dave Tafoya , I was told he was the head of the hearings on DUI's, Because I didn't request a hearing within days he will not remove the fine or the DUI from my record even though there is no law that says he can't. If I had known the cops charged me anyway and that the DLV was gonna suspened my UTah license, ( even though I didn't have a UTah licsence since 1996, I can't get one here because they supended it and I can't get one in any state now.)

When your innocent and blood test prove it, you would think the DLV would remove the fines and DUI from your record even if you didnt request a hearing, at leaste if you didnt know you had been charged with a DUI and you lived out of state and didn't any letter telling you to request a hearing. You would a city offical like Dave Tafoya is for the city of Roy as well as working for the DLV would want to see that justice is done, and do something.

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