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Country Malta
City Ta' Xbiex
Address 2, Sir Аugustus Ваrtоlо Str,
Phone (888) 980-9770
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  • Feb 16, 2018

Here is how the scam works:

First, their address in terms and conditions is in Malta, always a hidden place, cannot sue to locate, SOL Networks Limited, located at 266, Level 4&5, Triq ix-Watt, Gzira, Malta, Та' Хbiex

Second they charge a woman about One dollar, $1 per message and an email is five messages, $5.

Third, then no matter what I say, like call me, they send a canned love note. Like those below. So when I reply I use up message units.

Fourth, when I complained, they would not return my money.

Five, I still get 10 messages a minute from the robots. They will not shut off.

Six, here are some of the ROBOTIC EMAILS

Email from David Hi .My name is David and I'm 36 years old. I'm a pilot. I am ambitious, persistent, and the person to say. I highly value honesty, believing it to be the most precious linguistic trait. I want to meet a girl of similar characteristics, a girl with whom I will sail into a quiet love harbor and realize my love dreams here.I would like to meet a charming and honest person sharing my interests and having similar thoughts about life. If you are interested in a man like me, I would be happy to continue communicating COMMUNICATION--WHICH COSTS MONEY, BUT NOT TALKING OR MEETINGand getting to know each other better.Honestly David All Unread Read & Unanswered Block  Paata Its not just only flirt... Hello my dear! ALWAY MY DEAR I am writting to you hoping to get your reply, because you have attracted my attention and I believe that we wil be able to be in contact with you. BAD ENGLISH Just few words about me and other what you are interested in me you will ask, okay? I am business owner, I like to enjoy life, I have everything I need, I built my career, but I still don`t have a tender woman`s hand who will touch my cheek before we go sleep.. Maybe you will be such woman, who knows... Let me know about yourself dear.. Warmly yours, Paata,) FREE Yesterday Block  andres Hello, I'm looking to find the person who wants to share his life with me Hello I am a dreamy, enterprising man willing to give my best, I am also a very familiar man, friendly, kind, romantic, attentive, I am a serious man with respect to what I want from my life, I always try to give the best Of me without expecting anything in return, I am looking for a mature person, who wants to establish a serious relationship in the long term, adventurer who has dreams and clear goals of what he seeks for his happiness, that has mental and emotional stability, I like to enjoy my life To the maximum, I am not a person to judge the others, I respect the life that each person wants to bring, the edda for me is not an impediment to a relationship since I am looking to learn from the person who is next to me as I learn to learn Of her, I hope to be happy and find what I have dreamed so much that it is to have a home and a stable life full of love and peace, if you want the same and think that And we can have much or something in common I will be waiting for you in the chat room andres : ) FREE Yesterday More Emails from new Members Block Delete 11 Vardan nice Monday to you My dear, When I met you, HE NEVER MET MEit seemed as if everything had turned inside, a flame had flared up, which, it seems, would never be able to extinguish anybody. Recently, I do not recognize myself: at night I can not sleep, in the daytime I go not myself. I want to perform feats: conquer the highest peak, descend to the most dangerous depth, fly up and embrace the whole world, because in it, in this world, there are you! I realized - this is love .. Do you believe in love the most fabulous? I believe even in love at a distance !! For me there are no barriers, I am ready for anything !! And you?? Jan 22 12 more Emails from Vardan Block

  • Dec 4, 2017

I joined the FREE and allowed only one transaction for 2.99 (AUS $4.06) and after that they told me I allowed them to automatically take money out of my account and this is what happened over 2 days with little action or meeting no one or seeing no photos or it kept asking me for permission for credits to apply but I did not give permission at all.

This is the company....

SOL Networks Limited - Registration No: С 70898

2, Sir Аugustus Ваrtоlо Str, Та' Хbiex, XВX 1091, Мaltа

29 Nov POS AUTHORISATION DATING . COM 1-888-980-977MT Card Used 9061 $21.71

29 Nov POS AUTHORISATION dating . com 18006657633 MT Card Used 9061 $21.71

29 Nov POS AUTHORISATION dating . com 18006657633 MT Card Used 9061 $21.71

29 Nov POS AUTHORISATION DATING . COM 1-888-980-977MT Card Used 9061 $21.71

28 Nov POS AUTHORISATION dating . com 18006657633 MT Card Used 9061 $21.70

28 Nov POS AUTHORISATION dating . com 1 888 9809770 INTERNET MT Card Used 9061 $21.70

28 Nov POS AUTHORISATION dating . com 1 888 9809770 INTERNET MT Card Used 9061 $4.06

You Owe me $134 . 50

They cancelled my profile and all i have is my e-mail to customer support. What can I do now?

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for contacting us via Live Support earlier today.

I am sorry to hear that you have developed such concerns regarding our premium communication platform.

As per your request, please find below, your account’s detailed history:

1 28.11.2017 9:04 2.99 $ 20 credits

2 28.11.2017 9:15 15.99 $ 20 credits

3 28.11.2017 9:17 15.99 $ 20 credits

4 29.11.2017 9:14 15.99 $ 20 credits

5 29.11.2017 9:43 15.99 $ 20 credits

6 29.11.2017 10:22 15.99 $ 20 credits

7 29.11.2017 10:32 15.99 $ 20 credits

As we can see, you have spent all the credits you have purchased:

Offline chat 29.11.2017 22:27 Epifan 41552472431 -1

Online chat 29.11.2017 10:35 Liu Shoukai 20548888531 -18

Read photo attachment in chat 29.11.2017 10:32 Liu Shoukai 20548888531 -15

Read video attachment in chat 29.11.2017 10:22 Liu Shoukai 20548888531 -15

Read letter 29.11.2017 9:49 Quansheng Zhu 21330243031 -10

Read letter 29.11.2017 9:42 Quansheng Zhu 21330243031 -10

View videos 29.11.2017 9:27 Petar 40236603531 -10

Read letter 29.11.2017 9:14 Veace 22373052031 -10

Read letter 29.11.2017 9:11 Veace 22373052031 -10

Online chat 28.11.2017 21:23 Veace 22373052031 -1

View videos 28.11.2017 9:16 wenyu 39777488331 -10

View videos 28.11.2017 9:16 wenyu 39777488331 -10

Compose letter 28.11.2017 9:15 wenyu 39777488331 -10

Read letter 28.11.2017 9:04 wenyu 39777488331 -10

Please feel free to learn more on our prices here: tinyurl . com / Dating Com Prices

At your request, we have reviewed our records and learned that you were able to successfully make the purchases in question (6x$15.99) with the assistance of the automatic purchasing feature on our site. This is a feature that only you can turn on from the Purchase Credits or Settings menu on our site. This feature allows you to purchase credits on our site while communicating with our members without being interrupted by a prompt. You have been informed about it when subscribed (please review the screenshot attached to this email)We have turned this feature off for your convenience.

Please be informed that if you un-check the box in the Purchase Credits form without purchasing credits, it will not disable Auto Purchasing. To check the status of Auto Purchasing and turn it on/off, please go to Settings Menu: press three horizontal bars at the top of the page and select Settings. Once on the Settings page, you will find a check box at the bottom of it. If it is checked, the Auto Purchasing is enabled. To turn it off, please un-check the box and click “Save” button for the changes to take place.

Since all the purchased credits have been spent, and the services were provided properly and in full, we are not able to provide a refund of the purchases.

I understand, that you might want to address the situation differently and contact your bank. However, let me remind you that an attempt to make an unauthorized chargeback is a violation of the Terms of service (see section “Disputes”). By using our services you agreed that in case of any unauthorized chargeback you will be responsible for all additional administrative charge, attorney’s fees and court costs. We will pursue reimbursement for all such costs utilizing all legal remedies available. Please also note that we may be required to disclose all of your private communications through our service in order to prove the veracity of our charges.

I hope this letter was helpful and finds you well.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I would love to know how you feel about the service I have provided today. Please click below and let me know how I've done:

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