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Daniel Vitale

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City philadelphia
Address 1113 South 2nd Street
Phone 610-662-6636

Daniel Vitale Reviews

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  • Jun 2, 2018

Daniel Vitale is a terrible craftsmen, a shoddy businesman, and an absolute low life of a human being. Despite his bragging about "painting half the houses in society hill", since I have been ripped off by him I have found numerous others that got scammed. The work that he does is so poor, it barely lasts through the end of the season in which he painted. Our lintels started flaking within a few weeks of Danny's painting. Also, he stole money from us by takng deposits and payments for work that he never intended to do, and he eventually stopped responding to all outreach including calls and texts. He feels entirely comfortable robbing and stealing from the hard working people in this area who pay him based on the professional accolades he made up for himself: he was NEVER union trained and his painting shows. He didn't prime and painted with an oil based paint (a color he had left over that he forced onto us because "it looks just like the one you want) over latex based paint.

He rolled paint in our back yard which dripped over windows and on the ground which he never cleaned up, and he painted our windows shut.

Ask around and you'll hear what people really think of him. he has been ripping off our neighborhoods for too long! Lastly, if you don't believe me, check out all the judgements against him on the small claims court website, and thats JUST in philadelphia (ive attached a photo)

NO ONE that intends to have a painting job completed professionally should look FAR PAST daniel vitale and not give him any business.

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  • May 29, 2019

Daniel Vitale is a horrible person and painter

Stay away at all costs. Ask anyone in queen village who has dealt with him, he's the definition of low life scumbag!

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