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Dan Adelman

Country United States
State Connecticut
City New Haven
Address Church ST

Dan Adelman Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2020

Dan is the biggest scumbag on the face of the earth. We had an agreement that he would handle my post divorce for a fixed fee of 3,500 which I promptly paid. 3 months into the settlement Dan asked for more money. He claimed that he had a lot of time into me case. He asked for an additional 2,500 of which I gave him 2,000.

Dan did nothing to represent me. Never filed a motion, Never returned a phone call, Never returned a e-mail. I had to write all my motions . Make all my copies for court and even write out the questions for him to address to my ex in court. No surprise I got my butt kicked in the courtroom.

After we lost Danny asked me for more money. He said he needed an additional 5,000 or 4,000 in cash....

Hmmmmmmm an attorney asking for cash now thats odd. Well I did some research and found out that Danny took his ex-wife back to court 5 times for allimony modification. He owes back taxes on his personal residence which currently has a tax lien on it. I other words he is broke and needs money.

Attornay Adelman is a disgrace to the already sleezy profession. He grabs all the money he can so he can wine and dine his much younger office manager who also happens to live with him.

When I fired him and asked for my files I got back a package of copies of which I had made and given to him. There was not a single note or e-mail from him to the opposing attorney in my defense. He did nothing

Dan gives new meaning the the word low-life scumbag

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