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Dallas Patios and Pergolas

Country United States
State Texas
City Princeton
Address 2452 fm 3364
Phone 214-810-0741

Dallas Patios and Pergolas Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2017

Nick Welch, DBA Dallas Patio and Exteriors (at that time) was hired to place a new roof and construct a large patio cover in April 2016. He required $10,000 downpayment (approximately half of total job), which he was quick to collect once furnishing us with the contract, drawings and insurance policy (which we found out later was not an active policy!)

For approximately 3 months, we were told story after story as to why the job had not been started. Many, many promises. Many, many excuses. Our hands were tied - we could do nothing. We consulted an attorney, papers were served, with no result. Just more lost $ from our bank account. A court date was set, he didn't show up, but we were awarded a judgement against him. This will do us no good now, as far as getting our money back from this crook. However, we will be filing this judgement with every surrounding county, placing a lien on his property. There is a very low chance that we will ever see any of our dollars, since the man has nothing to or in his name. But if he ever tries to buy or sell anything, we're hoping that this will prevent him from being able to. He has hidden behind fake companies, as well as various girlfriends, cheating them out of dollars as well.

Unfortunately, my husband and I are not the only ones scammed, by any means. I personally have been contacted by several other individuals, all losing many dollars. Thousands and thousands of hard-earned dollars. He has actually started a couple of the projects for others, but then doesn't finish and then costs the homeowners even more money to hire someone to come in, correct the bad work that Nick Welch has done, then finish the project correctly.

If anything good can come out of this post, I hope that it is to protect other individuals from this scam artist. He will lie, cheat and steal from anyone with absolutely no remorse, never thinking twice about stealing someone's hard-earned money.

If you ever come across this individual.... RUN!

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