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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 323-210-3246
Website Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2015

They worked for me

Hi I have to disagree. I was really broke when they hired me. A year later I moved out, leased a car and rented a house. I love them dearly. I don't know who Jerry is. I work daily with Frank C.

  • Oct 15, 2015

Steer clear of “daily options.Org”, “options daily”, "everyday options", jerry cleasen & franklin cove

These scam outfits along with jerry clearsen, franklin cove and their associates are ripoff artists:

They claim to operate out of los angeles, ca.

They lie about paying you for posting daily ads and being a binary options company. Here is the claim from their website:

“weekly pay rate is $85.00-$110.00 per day and you are paid weekly for posting ads.. .”

One problem is that they’ll never pay you.

Don't waste your time posting for them & definitely don't waste your money with these clowns!

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