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Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.

Country United States
State Missouri
City Lee's Summit
Address 2655 NE Hagen Rd
Phone 816-347-1411

Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2017

We purchased a motor for our 2007 Suburban, when we received the motor the valve cover was cracked, we told them we thought the motor was dropped and didn't want it, instead they sent us a new valve cover, we installed the motor, it really never ran good, then at 7000 miles it started burning oil, then the 3rd cylinder had several misfires, they tried to jack us around for several weeks until they finally sent a representative out, needless to say, he claimed the heat sensor bubbles (on the opposite side of the cylinder) and that we got the motor hot, the heat sensor didn't stick, and I promise, the motor was never hot, they have junk crap and don't stand by their warranty, for the same price and warranty we could have got a motor from GM with not junk parts, when we have the machine work done, they will be hearing from our attorney!

  • Sep 9, 2016

On or about 7/21/2014 I ordered a reman motor from Dahmer to put in a 2006 trailblazer, when I received it ,it was the wrong configuration . so they shipped me a second motor that was the right configuration , installed it and had issues with the proper vc gasket ,which they subsequently sent me , test drove the car and all was fine ,put the car up for sale ( they knew it was going to be sold when I ordered the motor)when it sold ,they hit me with a warranty transfer fee and thru multiple phone calls said it was never disclosed when I purchased it about a fee . so nothing was done and the guy bought the car (we figured they waived the fee)the motor comes with a 3 years 100,000 mile warranty. less then 10,000 miles the motor starts to rattle and loses power . the guy shuts it down fast ,gets towed back to town and finds out the motor let go. we call them . the warranty dept. wants nothing to do with this , so we go up the ladder and get to Jerry who pretty mch states that without the warranty transfer we dont have anything to back up this motor . thru a couple heated discussions He still says no warranty . the purchaser has a loan on it ,still paying for it and cant drive it , so did Dahmer really stand behind their product,Not by any means . paid 3310.00 for motor and shipping for less then 10,000 miles so much for the best warranty in the business and 3 year 100k warranty . in my eyes they are the crookedest SOB's in missouri. I will never recommend them to anyone and will never do business with them again. my attorney and the MO> att.gen is investigating this . plus a complaint to Mo. BBB .. steer wide of these crooks!!!!

this is the second motor i replaced in a trailblazer and the 1st one is ,so far ok , so that is a 50% failure rate on reman products and they been doing this for 35 years???? I have found a better option : JASPER motors !!!!about the same price ,better service, better mechanic reimbursement in case of failure .Dahmer offers none.

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