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CZ Energy Management

Country United States
State Oregon
City Salem
Address 546 Vista Ave SE
Phone 503-884-4866

CZ Energy Management Reviews

  • Mar 25, 2016

CZ Energy managment, is a liar buyer in America,

He bought 11pcs of 120w led street light with photocel sensor from us in March.

He requested of voltage should be AC 277V, so we use Meanwell driver voltage is AC90-295V driver and 277v photocel sensor.

When he received lamps and install them, all lamps were not working, because his local voltage is AC285V!

that means all photocel sensor were burn out since his stupid operation.

We told him photocel burn out, but he insisted on that drivers are bad.

Driver voltage can be up to 295V as Meanwell driver is world top brand.

We request him take down driver and do test on drivers, but he did not, he rejected to send photos of driver's testing to us again and again. Also request us send all new drivers to him.

Why? drivers are not bad, he just want to get more expensive drivers to replace him others defective goods.

But why you wanna this petty profits from us? it's not fair from us.

we can send new photocel sensor to him to replace.

But all the reason is his fault, his local voltage is AC285V!!! but he told us to do 277V on products!!!!

  • Dec 17, 2016

CZ Energy has been installing and buying China LEDs

The manufacture of these LEDs were incorrect in stating the drivers were not bad. As we had to purchase new drivers from a USA manufacture. The new drivers were installed and the LED lights do work now. We had sent the LED manufacture pictures of us testing their drivers and as proof yes their drivers were bad. This manufacture created a false statement only because they did not want to warranty new drivers. Yes we see this very often from China manufactures of not wanting to warranty their product.

Pudding is in the proof as they say. They ignored the proof by us testing them with a voltage meter. We had also sent this manufacture the invoice from us buying new drivers. All I have to say is, be very careful in who you do business with. This manufacture was placed on our DO NOT BUY LIST!


Kim Diemer


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