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Country Philippines
Address Townhouse 8 Redstone Lane South Hills
Phone 63 9278715198

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  • May 30, 2016

I raised a go find me account to raise the 35,000 it cost to go to the Philippines for treatment with cytoluminator and went through Jesichas hope. That is where Nadine steered me in the direction to go to this location from all the many she has listed. She gets a 5000 kick back for each patient she sends. The service is in a persons home and is nothing more than taking a drink of an unknown substance and getting an IV with a blue substance claiming it makes you sensitive to lights. These lights burn your outside while claiming to reach inside cancer cells. Claimsing afterwards you are immune to you own cancer. Then go home and wait 3 months for new scans. During the 3 months most patients pass away before getting new scans and believe they are cancer free. When in reality they continue to progress. Total scam won't go into past patients that made it because there are any.

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  • Apr 26, 2019

Terry Wright Cytoluminator scammers 45 mins video promising Cancer Cure

I have 45 minutes of a Skype message of this scammer.

Regardless of my friend getting treatment, his tumor returned as is in hospital tonight

as we speak dealing with regrowth.

All his friends who went are now DEAD

I have requested the money back for the treatment as it did not work based on what

I have in his video.

The video is going public, he is going to be screwed, shut down or buried but i wont say by whom.

Terry Wright, you feel safe and secure hiding behind what you think is security but like i told you on Skype,

security is only in the mind. You my friend will have to hope your own security is only in your mind.

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  • Jun 2, 2019

This is true

This guy Terry scammed and contributed to the deaths of many patients. I am so sorry you and your loved one had to go through this. Hopefully the authorities in Philippines will shut him down, and press the necessary charges

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  • Feb 8, 2019

It's definately a scam!

I don't understand why Terry and Nadine do this to people................They kill everyone they TREAT......Everyone.

It is a scam, coming from a husband who took his wife for 'treatment'. When you get home, you get worse and they blame it on everything else except cancer. They tell you to ignore scans because they are giving a false positive.

Terry is either the most evil person in the world, or he has a mental issue (more likely) and doesn't want to admit that his later life work doesn't work!


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