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Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces

Country United States
State Virginia
City Alexandria
Address 7525 Richmond Hwy
Phone 703-765-9400

Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2016

In October upon a salesman finally showed up, I was told that my gas fireplace was beyond repair. I was assured that I had to replace the current gas fireplace. I was not even given a brochure from which to select a new system. The salesman, Josh C., wrote out a contract. I did not sign the initial contract. A deposit of half the total amount was due before Cyprus Air could even order the gas fireplace Josh wrote on the contract. Soon thereafter, $1600.00 was deducted from my checking account. Then $40.00 was deducted. Vasty Martinez, Josh's boss, said she had discussed (with her boss Indira Guerrero, District Manager) my dismay regarding getting a maintenance plan I neither wanted or needed, and that Cyprus Air would credit me the $40.00 and stop automatically deducting it monthly from my checking account. Many other contracts were written, changed, and sent back and forth between myself and Josh C.

After many phone conversations and text messages, I finally had 2 technicians come to my home and install a substandard system without the remote. I was not even able to test the system until the technician returned that evening with the remote control. The system installed is garbage compared to the system I had, even though I asked for a comparable system. The only thing installed that day was the fireplace. The surround, mantle, sides and tile that should have been done the same day, remain outside in my garage. Many more discussions ensued without resolution. Initial contract is dated October 28th. The partial installation occurred on December 12th! Indira Guerreo is on vacation until January 2nd, 2017. Several requests for her boss's name and number have fallen on deaf ears. Also, the gas fireplace is the only source of heat I have in our family room in which we live with 3 elderly dogs, when not sleeping! Temperatures here are in the 20s or below at night. We are freezing!

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