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Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling, and Fireplaces

Country United States
State Virginia
City Alexandria
Address 7525 Richmond Hwy
Phone 1 703-214-3800

Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling, and Fireplaces Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2019

I went throught Lowe's to get a new air condition and heating unit. They came to my home and the equipment was installed. I signed up for a maintenance agreement. I was told the service agreement would be emailed to me. I have been asking for months for a copy. I still don't have a copy. Money was only suppose to be taken out of my account for the service agreement, and they took out additional money that wasn't authorized. And I still don't have a copy of the agreement.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Visited showroom on 11/13/17 to get two estimates; one on a wood to gas conversion fireplace (for us) and one on a gas log insert only (for mother-n-law). We were told we could purchase a Manchester Oak set in the smaller size for mother-n-law and an estimate was written up including that purchase. Later we decided to look online to confirm and found out that no such set existed in that size.

We should have taken our business elsewhere at that time but unfortunately, we decided to give this company the benefit of the doubt.

Keyah Blair told 11/20/17 and someone would call us on 11/19/17 to let us know the time the Gary would be showing up. No one called or return our calls. On 11/20/17 Darryl Bowens shows up without calling ahead. Darryl informs us our conversion can be done with no damage to our house interior even if an extra gas line was needed which he said most likely was not.

Between 11/22/17-12/18/17 -Numerous calls to Cyprus have gone unanswered. Several times answered by the 'overflow' messeging service and was able to leave a message. No one contacts me until 12/19/17.

12/22/17- At this point it gets too long to put in names but I have them all. Two contractors from Cyprus show up to do the gas line installation. They destroyed our interior wall by the stairwell because they couldn't figure how to put the gas line through any other way. Remember when signed off on the original contract we were informed we probably wouldn't need a gas line and no interior damage would be done.

At this time, we were informed Cyprus would take care of any dry wall work due to all the damage. They did not. Also, three different holes were drilled in our walls because they kept making mistakes. Found out later the two individuals assigned to this task had no experience in residential work only in commercial.

Cyprus also brought the incorrect log set. The program manager than informed us we could not proceed with the installation since we did not have the proper log set.

On 12/27/17 - Cyprus charged the full balance to my credit card without authorization since the installation had not been completed. They also overcharged by $350.00. I left several messages and received no return call.

On 01/02/18 - My neighbors and I noticed a very strong odor of gas coming from the area of installation in our backyard. Left several messages with Cyprus and no return call.

On 01/08/18 - Contacted the gas company. The gas company confirmed the gas leak and said it was due to improper installation by Cyprus. Contacted Cyprus again.

On 01/10/18 - Cyprus sent someone out to patch up the gas leak and put in our correct log set. However pressure inspection was supposed to be done first so Cyprus rep couldn't install log set.

01/24/18 -Inspection set up with Cyprus and WSSC. Cyprus rep leaves before WSSC rep gets there since we needed to have the correct log set before pressure inspection?? (see above)

Failed Inspection due to gas leak still at the valve that Cyprus installed

02/02/18 - Passed pressure test. Cyprus said someone would come out on 02/09 or 02/12 to install the correct log set. No one came or called. Missed work again waiting. Finally, Cyprus called on 02/21 that someone would come and put in log set.

The Cyprus rep came and had to redo everything since the gas shutoff valve as put in by Cyprus in the wrong place. Cyprus rep had to go back to Virginia to get more tools and while he was gone another rep showed who said he was supposed to help and undid everything the previous rep did. Once the previous rep came back from Virginia he had to redo everything the other rep did so he was out our hour until after 8pm.

Meanwhile paid out of our own pocket $318.00 to fix the damage they had done in installation. Dry wall work, caulking and paint.

03/19/18 - Inspection scheduled - no show - another day I had to miss work for no reason

04/04/18 - Failed Inspection -steel and copper unions needed to be separated. Cyprus Incorrect Install

04/07/18- Told Cyprus representative would come and redo the piping. He called and said he was coming later and then said he wasn't coming at all - another missed day at work for no reason.

Still sending messages about the overcharge of $350.00

04/25/28 - Finally passed inspection. Installation complete. Told Cyprus would come out in the Fall to turn on our fireplace and do clean up.

Cyprus has a maintenance agreement that they sign you up for that is to be billed monthly and claims it is necessary otherwise the warranty can be void. If you read the fine print the warranty prerequisite is that the fireplace inspection pass. Mine finally passed on 04/25 however Cyprus started charging me as of December 2017.

You cannot charge maintenance when there is nothing to maintain! Unfortunately I paid one month (December) before I realized it. After much back and forth they said they would give a credit for five months meaning $200.00 against this maintance plan. If done accurately it would of started on 04/26 or easier to calculate May 2018.

Therefore my maintenance credit is 6 months (1 paid in December and 5 given by the company) leaving as of now $40.00 owed for November

10/22/18 - Sent a note to Cyprus since no one came for the Fall Inspection. Cyprus said they wouldn't send anyone until I paid $280.00 ($480.00 minus $200 credit).

Now they want me to pay the full maintenance agreement in advance when I was told it would be $40/month??? After all they have put my family and I through from missed work, carpenter bills, failed inspections, inaccurrate credit card charges and a gas leak that went on for months it is unbelievable to me.

11/06/18 - They said they would credit $280.00 off my account

11/07/18 - They said they wouldn't credit the $280.00 from my account

11/08/18 - They said I now owe $240.00

At this point I am about to try and figure out how to turn the gas line/log set on myself.

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