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Cyprexx Services, LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (877) 339-8202

Cyprexx Services, LLC. Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2016

I was in the process of trying to modify my primary residence in Tampa, FL. (Suntrust transferred my loan to Nationstar and tacked on 50k). Unfortunately, at the same time, I was in California taking care of my elderly father who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His prognosis was 6 months, but he survived 10 months then passed. I made a decision to stay with him. I hadn't heard anything from Nationstar or Cyprexx and my mail was being forwarded. No email, phonecall, no letter, nothing.

While dealing with the funeral and financial dealngs of my father, I was told my house was going up for auction by my room renter. My lawyer and I never received any notification of foreclosure when my roommate was forced to leave and all the property in the house was "taken to the dump." I'm going to take someone to small claims as the house wasn't vacant and they didn't have title. I was still paying utilities (electric, water, extermintator, wifi).

When my roommate told me of the situation I sent my sister to get my belongings, but the house was already emptied and locked up. There was at least $9000 worth of property including personal items such as a Yale diploma, pictures, etc... I had no communication from anyone involved in this entire process. You would think I would have to be served or notified of at least where I could pick up my personal belongings. I want my property back!

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