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Cypress Slough Hunting Club

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Dundee
Address 1640 Rowe Rd
Phone 901.674.1132

Cypress Slough Hunting Club Reviews

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  • Apr 5, 2016

Phil has screwed over me and my friends in the Tunica and Dundee Mississippi area. He never gets his fields flooded in time for duck season and his clubs are over crowded. I thought it might just be a one-time deal but apparently he does it to everybody. Be very careful in your dealings with this man. I know of two people that are going to sue him. I would do it if I could afford it. He says he is passionate about duck hunting but he is really in it for the money.

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  • Jan 31, 2017

Cagle Crook

Phillip Cagle told more lies this year than he can remember. Supposed to have 30 holes for members had 6. Turns out he took some fields the members had paid to lease and then subleased them out! There were maybe 200 ducks killed out of 50 members. He used all camp money to build a ridiculous second lodge that was not ready all year. He is s con artist. I would not recommend this camp to Sadam Hussein. I would not get back in if it was free. If he doesn't get 40 vulnerable and gullible members for next season he and the club will go under. One of the worst individuals I have ever met.

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  • Jan 17, 2017

History Repeats Itself

All of the above reviews, are spot on again for the 2016-17 season. No water in fields, no brushed blinds, no decoys, no room for equipment storage, no dog kennels, etc. Members get the leftover locations after Phil sets up his guided hunt and puts his buddies on the better potential holes. If he tells you more than 200 total birds (and I am being liberal) have been killed this year, don't be touching any metal or standing in water.

If you want to waste your hard earned dollars, join Cypress Slough.

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  • Nov 24, 2016

Wasted a year at this club

I saw Phil the other day and is first response was " Why didn't you come back? ". Well Phil if you're reading this I didn't come back because i'm tired of you staying up all night getting drunk and rambling on. Im tired of your friends getting to hunt all the good holes because they got the draw so called " Fair " raffle. I was sick and tired of the over crowded camp, and you trying to put me out of the camp while you were drunk to make room for more members who were coming. To all hunters do not waste money on this guy. I know people in the club right now and they are messaging me saying half the " Guaranteed" water holes don't even have water. Which is funny because Phil sent me to a hole to duck hunt and when I got there to hunt it was completely dry and his only response was "Put the decoys out they would rather land in a dry field than water". I should have listened to the locals I met one day that told me he was a con-artist because thats what he is!!!!

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  • Nov 2, 2016

Waste of Money

If you want to know the truth about Phil Cagle just stop in and talk to the local landowners around Tunica. There first response is "F* that Crooked bastard" literally. This man has been sued so much in tunica county that it should be a crime for him to remain in the county. I personally have witnessed him trespassing/poaching. And btw, all the holes he leases are complete shit. I know of many holes that he is leasing that local duck clubs have gave up. His right hand man in his duck club has a rap sheet as long as a tall mans arm. It's gonna be funny whenever no one will lease to him because he screwed everyone over, yet he owns a hunting camp.

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  • Jan 16, 2017

History Repeats Itself

I have now read the other blogs on this site written about Cypress Slough Hunting Club over the last several months. I wish I would have found them before I joined for the 2016-17 season. Nothing has changed. Not a good experience. Again this season, fields were not flooded, blinds were not brushed, decoys were not out, etc.

"The Barn" that was promised to be completed in time for opening day was only habitable late last week but far, far from complete. The members who paid extra for a private room in The Barn were offered a credit against next year's cost instead of a refund of their money. Equipment storage, locker room, parking, dog kennels are all inadequate.

While none of the above would occur in a quality club, the biggest complaint is that Phil himself and his guide service takes priority over his members' hunting experience. So if you want to spend your hard earn money to get the skeleton remains of the leftovers, join Cypress Slough. If you don't believe me, get the previous year's membership roll and call a couple of those guys for a recommendation.

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  • Oct 26, 2016

Philip Cagle is an unscrupulous scam artist posing as a professional waterfowl guide ... He got me once just like he does dozens of unsuspecting potential club members each season . But trust me you want nothing to do with this man or his club ... The accommodations are inadequate for the size of the membership . His leases are poor quality... A few spoonies get killed but rarely any good big ducks. Philip will post pictures of mallards and pintails but they will not have been killed on club leases even though he might lead you to believe that to be the case . The annual turnover in membership is huge and for good reason... If you get references they will be his best friends who will encourage you to join but don't fall for it .. Don't waste your money or time... There are good clubs out there , they may be hard to find but this is definitely NOT one of them!

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  • Mar 30, 2016

Phil has screwed over me and my friends in the Tunica and Dundee Mississippi area. He never gets his fields flooded in time for duck season and his clubs are over crowded. I thought it might just be a one-time deal but apparently he does it to everybody. Be very careful in your dealings with this man. I know of two people that are going to sue him. I would do it if I could afford it. He says he is passionate about duck hunting but he is really in it for the money.

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  • Feb 1, 2017

Cypress Slough Hunt Club is a Joke

Don't believe anything Phil Cagle tells you. He took his members money, leased a few fields and subleased the same fields to other hunters. Thus doubling his money. Not only did he screw his members, he screwed the farmers he leased from.

To make the matters even worse, he sends his unguided hunts to other clients leases to hunt... What a crook!!!

Phil Cagle calls this year a great year!. Cypress Slough Hunt Club may not have killed 180 ducks. All his pictures come from other leased fields or the Internet. Phil Cagle is a guy who wants to play in the big time duck business but can't figure out how to get out of a puddle.

Stay away from this club.. Research who really owns it... It's really his wife... Lol

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  • Jan 20, 2018

The Crook of the Slough

Memberships are way way over sold. Greed...

Land is raped by Phillip and his buddies hunting from sun up to sun down. He cares nothing about wildlife and it’s habitiat.

He dropped a first time hunter in the woods and never returned to pick him up. The man stood on the roadside for :40 min waiting in the 20 degrees and snow for a ride back to camp. Phillip never showed. A local female provided the frozen stranger a ride back to camp. Upon arriving at the camp Phillip had not even left to come pick up his waiting / stranded member.

Phillip is an aggrogant pig.

He and his pack of mooches have rutted and gotten stuck on adjoining farm land and turn roads.

They trespass and are a bunch of lazy jerks, a slough of undesirables.

It is amazing and sad that he keeps being able to scam people. Stop doing business w Phillip Cagle!

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  • Mar 11, 2018


I can’t speak for what happened prior to this last season because I was not around . But I have been this season and I was there during the snow and freezes. You sir are a liar, the event your speaking of never happened. Nobody was ever left in the cold and to catch a ride back to the club. 1 time we had a group of club members go to the wrong blind. This was handled and never happened again. A very understandable mistake. I will not hide behind some hidden name. This is Stacey Coker , I manage the guiding there this year and I still do. Now , if you dare, make yourself known to me.

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  • Jan 11, 2019

Phil Cagle / Cypress Sough / White Oak Hunting Dundee MS

The above are just some of the complaints on Phil Cagle, the supposed owner of Cypress Slough and White Oak Hunting Service. I 100% believe them as I have witnessed these types of things personally!

Check out:

I personally witnessed Cagle degrade several women. He will make comments like "she can blow a duck call, what else can she blow" when a young lady walked out of the room. He intentionally sends members and clients on to other people's land (poaching) and and then claims, "I didn't tell you to go there". He closes the club so he can bring his mistress to the lodge for their "extra curricular activities". He told Wounded Warriors, one with three purple hearts, "you look pretty able bodied to me", implying that the hero was scamming the system. I could go on and on about Cagle.

Bottom line, I got scammed because I didn't do my homework. If you read this, and the links above, and you still go to Cypress Slough or White Oak, you deserve to get scammed!

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  • Jan 21, 2019

Don’t go here!

This place is a joke. Decoy spreads are about 3 doz and you can forget birds even working them. Phil is a joke. Had guides quit on him in the middle of the season. Save your money and go hunt somewhere worthwhile.

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  • Feb 19, 2019

Phil Cagle / Cypress Sough / White Oak Hunting Dundee MS

I was a club member and what you said is 100% correct. Phil Cagle goes to the back ( Cypress Slough Hunting Club ) and asks a club member if they want to be a guide tomorrow for White Oak Hunting Service. Most of them are young kids who have never guided a day in their lives. He then gets them hooked on the "You're a Guide" B.S. and never pays them. He has Criminal History as long as your arm, the best part is most of it is for beating up on women (some for his alcoholism). Can't even set foot in Florida as there is still active warrants (FL will not extradite). Keeps his wife at home and closes the club to bring his mistress to the club. The real guides all quit VERY quickly when he didn't pay them! The locals will have you arrested if you even go near their property because they hate him so much!

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  • Aug 28, 2019

Ripp off

I was a member for one year and it was a poor deal. Phill the owner appeared to try and run a guide service while letting paying members cover his overhead. I’ve been duck hunting for 40 plus years and also worked as a guide for a top notch club in Louisiana while in college. What I witnessed at the cypress slough joint was really a scam. After two trips I never returned. Poor host who never even took time to show new members property

Much less try and be a good host. Phill is a great salesman but is crap as a duck camp manager. Don’t waste your money book a trip with a real lodge. Avoid this conn

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