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Cypress Bay Solutions

Country United States
State Texas
City Carrollton
Address 3350 Boyington Dr
Phone 844-929-0981

Cypress Bay Solutions Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2018

Like the other reports I was kind of suckered & kind of not. I was looking for a job online on that said there was a listing within there company I immediately thought oh wow because it sounded so much like my experience. I sell AVON & can't get a sale & need a job in the worst way I'm in a bogus online school I'm getting ready to quit within the next couple weeks. Well anyway, I thought the job sounded excellent was right in my field & I can't find anything else so I applied it took them about a month & a half then all of a sudden I got an email almost forgot about it telling me that they could not reach me by phone & to call this number for an interview my 1st thought was no I was not interested something didn't feel right about it.

I didn't respond & deleted it they wrote again a couple weeks later telling me to call them for an Interview as they felt that I was a perfect match for there company.

My husband's in & out of the hospital & sales is just not my field I'm in legal classes looking for a type of secretarial or legal secretary job I again rejected the email & deleted it again it just didn't feel right something felt really off about it. A month later when my husband was in the hospital a little over 2 weeks ago I got another email from them he heard the message on my phone & said what's that I told him about the job.

I did research & couldn't find nothing even searched on here & BBB couldn't find nothing. My husband asked if I did research & I said yes I did & I didn't find nothing but I was skeptical he said I didn't just want a job Joey's right you just don't want to work so to shut him up I took it. Immediately receiving a contract throwing up red flags that stated I can not sue them if there's an issue I've got to go to Arbitration that sinched it I was dead set against it I didn't want no part of it. My husband said the same thing I just don't want to work & all companies do Arbitration no they really don't but he wanted me to get a job so I agreed overlooking it. I'm still today skeptical. And what ever one said is factual.

Today I got 3 leads everyone of them turned me down even went to the mall & talking to a company called Foamed UP that does not have a POS system & so I thought maybe they'd bite no rejection. 1st business was closed down they swore up & down they talked to someone. Sent me on 2 other listings nothing so here my husband's hungry don't get paid till the 21st can't eat @ Winter Warming Center because they feed him food against his renal diet. Was promised an 800 bonus on my 1st sale they lied about that. I was told when I signed up I'd receive the 800, then when I went to Orientation it then becomes I get the 800 dollars when I sell my 1st credit card machine. Then Winter Warming Center's treating us like prisoners.

It's hell. Micheal just got out of the hospital & now will have to wind up going back because of Cypress Bay Solutions anyone thinking about signing up to sell door to door for them don't please like Clark Howard would say the red lights beeping RUN!!STAY AWAY!!DON'T DO IT!!PLEASE!!

  • May 21, 2018


This company will lie to you on every turn....just DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT! There are companies that do not have contracts. ZERO STAR for this company!

  • Feb 26, 2018

I was charged $87 from my bank account by this company without my permission. An additional $487 they "tried" to charge towards my account didn't go thru. I was then called by the seller's superior, whom demanded payment. I said, No, because I wasn't aware of the charges to my bank account in the first place. She then states that it was explained in the contract I signed, which I had never viewed nor signed. I hung up. She calls back and I rejected it to go to voicemail. She then threatens me with court talk, additional charges and sending,(really selling it) to collections so it can go against my credit. I just wouldn't advise anyone to EVER do business with this company nor work for them!

  • Dec 15, 2017

I contacted the salesman and he said that I was not the first that they had dishonored what he put in the contract and didn't get what we were paying for and then had to pay 595.00 to cancel the contract. I don't know how much more they will try to take from my account beware of letting them have automatic withdrawal to your account. I found they were take more than what the contract was written for when confronted they made a lot of excuses then said to late to do anything about it because I had closed my account.

  • Feb 23, 2017

ALL LIES: They advertise all over the internet, through Zip-recruiter, Monster, etc. They have launched a heavy ad campagne to recruit sales reps because they are expanding into your area. Do NOT believe anything they say. It is all SMOKE and MIRRORS, B.S., a SCAM.

THE FACTS: This is a small credit card processing company, run under different names, with a D- BBB rating.

They have numerous complaints on their business, but little is known about what they actually do.

They are looking for minions, gophers, pawns to go door to door, business to business, driving all around your county, trying to steal customers from other happy companies. They are a predatory company, looking for young &/or dumb servants willing to risk their life driving around towns, wasting their time and gas, following dead leads, in order to make the lazy telemarketers (your head lead person) a fat commission. They will feed you a heap of crap like: 'we only use hot leads', 'we set up appointments for you', 'you only meet with the owners', 'we close 65% of the deals', 'we triple verify each lead and call them the day before your scheduled meeting', 'the average rep will easily make $800-$1200 per week'. This is all B.S.! Are you kidding me? Easily make $800-$1200 per week? Then why isn't your lead person out there doing this???

The leads are dead, cold dead. Some businesses will be closed, others the owner does not even work there. There are no 'meetings' set up, you are not even given a phone number for the business. All the businesses I stopped by from their 'hot' or 'warm' leads told me 'NO one called', especially not yesterday. NONE were interested in changing.

This is a high pressure sales pitch to get merchants that are happy with their service to switch over. But they sell you on, 'This is easy, all you do is small talk, just get your foot in the door, don't sell them on anything, just talk, then call your lead person and put the owner on the phone'.

Basically these are telemarketers that are SCAMMING sales reps into thinking they'll make easy money. They are getting suckers to do their door to door cold calling, and IF you ever get an owner of a business on the phone, they do their pressure sales attempting to make a sale. They have hundreds of suckers driving around the country, wasting their time and gas, so the 'big fish' in Texas can be fat and lazy.

Don't plan on making more than a few hundred a month, if you are lucky. I didn't make a penny, and I stopped at numerous businesses in between all the leads they gave me, and I'm a sales person who has averaged $100/hr with other companies! Take it from a REAL SALES PERSON, DON'T waste your time with CypressBaySolutions. And they do recruit as many reps in your area as they can. ALL they can get. They recuited two others on my same street and they contiuned to tell me that I was the only one in a 25 mile radius.

ALL LIES, STAY AWAY, you have been warned!!

  • Jun 2, 2017

HAHAHA Weak sales person alert..

Unlike the unnamed weak person above. My name is Lanny Wooten and I have been an outside sales rep 3 years with Cypress Bay. They are the only company that does cares about there customers. You must be a millennial that thinks everything needs to be give to you with now effort on your part. Good luck with that kind of mindset. The truth is the company has your back and the customers back but not everyone can sale so instead of owning your mistakes you pull a Hillary and blame everything but yourself.. Loser

  • Mar 28, 2018

Well, that says it all

In reply to the last person's reply, you basically said it all. I've been emailed several times by Cypress Bay Solutions to come in and interview with them. I read this person's review and what you had to say about it. Your insults and egregious method of standing up for your company says it all. I'm not going to that interview. I'm out.

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