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Cynthia Wilson with Milkyway Productions

Country United States
State North Carolina

Cynthia Wilson with Milkyway Productions Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2015

My name is Andrew Broussard Jr. Aka Jru Starz. I am a singer songwriter, actor, and more. I have been in the entertainment business for a far amount of time, an the way I do my business with every one of my fans is always with a clear understanding and where it is far for the both of us. Make a long story short I have met some pretty grimy people but none like who I just recently had dealings with, she goes by the name of Cynthia Wilson. The reason I refer to her in that way is because I'm not sure if that is truly her name. She has lied to me an everyone that I was blessed to meet threw this play, on several occasions.

I as well as the cast was promised a guaranteed contracted agreement payment of 1000$ to perform for the stage play titled "Battered but not broken". A play that I have discovered threw another anonymous source that it does not belong to her. We were promised a deposit, before the first show that never happened.

There is also a voice recording of her stating that "we the cast had better not ask her for no deposit". This play took place on the date of October 2nd-3rd, 2015. We got there on the 29th of October for rehearsal, it is now October 10th an I have still not received a payment or phone call with any updates. Her excuse was she is waiting on sponsorship money to clear.

Which was another lie. She told me the college was sponsoring the play, after speaking to the VP of WVU, I was told they only agreed to pay for tickets to get students to see the stage play, but they never sponsored it. When it was discovered to u the cast that we were not getting paid, Sherri hill went in defense for is the cast as well as herself for our payments. Words were exchanged between the two, the more Cynthia lied the more it frustrated Sherri. We also found out that she owed 30 other people money. The argument wind up getting more and more intense, to the point of physical conflict. This woman Cynthia Wilson is a fraud and really needs to be stopped.

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