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Cynthia Thaxton

Country United States
State California
City Hesperia
Phone 909 771 1590

Cynthia Thaxton Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2019

Back in may, i started searching for a puppy for my daughters They had been begging). I came across a website,, and found cynthia was advertising a male boston terrier puppy that was just born. I contacted her via text and asked if the puppy advertised as "dean”, was still available. She said he was and that i would need to send her a deposit of $250 on paypal to hold him. I did the contract with her, and my husband sent her $250 on paypal. She did inform us the puppy would not be ready to go until mid july, and that we would arrange a date to pick him up when mid july came closer. Come mid june, i text her again to ask how he was doing and she text me back saying that she needed to speak with me about the puppy. I said i could talk the next day when i was not around my daughters since the puppy was a surprise. She never called. So i decided to have my husband start texting her to ask to speak with her. They spoke when i was not present, and she had informed him that the puppy had gotten sick, and the vet said there was nothing he could do. Both puppies she had, were apparently euthanized. She then told my husband that we could either get a refund, or have first pick of the next litter. Side note: i had know idea she had another pregnant boston terrier when i signed the contract. He said he needed to talk to me about it first, and that’s basically how they ended the conversation. After my husband told me what happened, i thought it didn’t sound right. I decided to do some digging, and that’s when i stumbled across another scamionon cynthia thaxton. I found out she had a lawsuit placed against her by another dog breeder that knew her personally. I also found that she had been removed or lost some sort of privileges with the american kennel society. I was not happy and decided the next day that i wanted a refund. My husband text her asking for the refund, and she never responded. After a couple weeks, he emailed her asking if she had gotten his text. She responded saying she never received that text and that we were not getting a refund. She said we had to wait for the next batch of puppies to be born in july, and that if one of them came out as black and white, then we would get that puppy. I said no way!

I checked the contract and it never stated anything about what would happen in the event the puppy should die. It specified "said dog” only! well that said dog died in her care, so even more so i would not want another dog from her. I was livid and my husband sent her a copy of the contract and what it said. She quit responding after that. We’ve taken it up with paypal and filed a dispute/claim to force her to give the refund back.

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