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report scam

Cynthia Cork Song Writer

Country United States
State Alabama

Cynthia Cork Song Writer Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2016

When I asked him why was my information being sold. He say I have no right. And was yelling at me thru the phone. I asked him to stop but he wound not. and said I have no copyrights for my name. I told him my name is cynthiacok and I am a songwriter , And I do have copyrights as a songwriter for my name. by law. He then said I need to call the registry.His attitude was wroster. he said weebly give him the information to sell. And thats just what he was going to do.. and it was noting that could be about. He first tryed saying he did not have, my file with my personal information in it. I told him I was on he website now. at it now. looking at it. they both tryed saying they got reed of the file. But thur my website I had with weebly they sold all my information. my website is my name . and they have no rights to my name. this is the worst company in the world. including the domain registry. people do not like to be sold or they personnel information credit card and ever thing else. they sell of yours. and that against the low weebly web service shucks. .*

I alredy wrote the whole report in the form on the page before this one. Cynthia Cork

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