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Cymax Stores USA LLC.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Virginia
Address 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston
Phone 866-740-9830

Cymax Stores USA LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2016

Buyer be very aware!!!!

I saw 2 chairs on this website that advertised them as white. I called and askedthem if they were snow white and was told yes. So i ordered them. When they came in they were an off white more of a creamy ivory and they were hard as rocks to sit on si i retrned them right away.

Then they charged me $102.00 for a restocking fee 25% for having them for 1 day plus i had to pay to return them.

I was told they were snow white and they were not. If i were told the truth i would not have ordered them.

Do not buy from this company as all they are good at is internet design but nothing else.

This company cannot be trusted and they are big time liars.

  • Sep 18, 2015

I ordered a Desk from Cymax and it was shipped in two shipments. One arrived and one was damaged in route and never made it. Not their fault of course. It did however take them two weeks just to sort the re-order process and at one point email me to find what had actually been delivered. So apparently they're just a middle man, a place to click a button for something you want to purchase and they pass along your order to one of their "Vendors" who will fulfill the order. Anyway it's been over a month and I still haven't received my order. I finally got fed up bc now the item is showing back-ordered for a couple more weeks, the original purchase date was 8/19 and today is 9/17. I processed a Cancellation Request and decided to move on to a legitimate company. The request was denied and I received an email confirmation that the order had shipped. I have checked the FedEx Tracking number they provided and no shipment or label exists, even days later. So basically they gave me a fake tracking number so that they could deny my cancellation request and now they're holding my money hostage until their "Vendor" can eventually fulfill the order and if I decide to return the item they will charge me the Original Shipping Costs plus an undisclosed "Restocking Fee", apparently different "Vendors" charge different amounts. So now I have to file a complaint with the FTC bc this is highly illegal. Denying my cancellation request bc they can't and have not done their job but they still want to get paid. Ridiculous! Stay far away

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