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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Sep 30, 2018

These so called smm panels are all guilty a massive fraud and its a global dilema that google is responsible for this comopant in poarticylat "" sold me 30k syoutube subscribers for $55 and after i paid they delivered only 25k then we got into an argument and out of spite they started removing the subs i paid for.

i decided that this was not ok thing to do so i requested a refund thru paypal thinking i would be covered but paypal sided with them for some reason and they need to be sued as well. once i did the charge back cyka removed every subs i got from them leaving me with nothing and keeping all the money. EVERY PANEO DOES THIS.

They slowly remove them and lie about it saying its youtubes fault and that youtube is doing it when in fact they are doing it by going past parameters that yt has set and once you do that it triggers the removal of the account so they do that malicviously to sreal money.

they cant keep the subscribers around forever it would cost them resources so intesad they just slowly throw your subs into the trash can then tell you t f*ck off becasue its been past 30 days.

every panel does thisw. everyone who has bought youtube subscribers has been ripped off. if you buy subs and they drop check to see if its a closed account becaseu if so its 100% the smm panels fault and they did it on purpose to steal your money. im wanting to sue as many of them as possible so pls reach out to me i have $5,000 fyi. if anyone is interersted in this let me also say that i wanna sue googe/youtube, varuious other smm panels too.

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