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Country United States
State New Mexico
City Albuquerque
Address 1031 Lamberton Pl NE
Phone 505-841-7800

Cyfd Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2015

The NM CYFD took my child without warrant. We are native american. Then they abused my son and when i filed a complaint they terminated my parental rifgts but before they did that they placed him up for adoption. they never contacted the biologic father in the matter. the enforced my sons disappearance and then they obtained a protective order against me for themselves. why should we as tax payers carry the burden of their crimes.

1. The results of Jessica Jaramillo's investigation into Chris Reisz’s assertion that Lisa Ann Deweese was suicidal over their break-up proved that Logan Hedrick was not abuse or neglected by his mother and that the child's home was adequate and proved that the child should be left in the care of the mother. A month later the child was sent into NM CYFD by the school principal without probable cause after withholding information from thr APD and NM CYFD. At that time the NM CYFD labeled him as abused and neglected. The NM CYFD claimed in Court that they could not contact any of the defendant’s fictive kin and requested that the child remain in state custody.

2. Logan Hedrick (DOB 12/xx/xx) was taken into Enforced Disappearance on 11/8/13. The APS and NM CYFD are aware of all the facts in the case and yet do not consider the national debt when making decisions regarding the placement of a child in state custody nor can they justify their actions in a Court of Law.

3. The NM CYFD know the Laws but continually act contrary to them. For example, after it was reported to the case worker responsible for the child’s safety while in NM CYFD custody that the child was being abused and neglect by the foster parents the he allowed it to continue unchecked.

4. The child was placed up for adoption after the two cases were consolidated after the mother filed a law suit against the government agency at fault. The legal issues surrounding the cause have been brought to the attention of the Court and the parents are hopeful that the Court will do the right thing here and do what is in the best interest of the child so that he will be happy and have security in his life once again..

5. The parents of the child request this favor of the Court based on the NM CYFD reports, one of which even claimed that foster care placement for assessments was not necessary. All legal arguments fail to support the Enforced Disappearance of the child and NM CYFD custody of Logan Hedrick.

6. It is a crime for a government entity to alter a document in front of all the parties’ involved in a case without disclosing the alterations to those in attendance, file a copy of it with the Court and not to others involved in the case a copy.

7. We assert that a crime committed by a government entity is unpardonable for many reasons and could be viewed as treason. In fact, it could lend one to think that they are traitors to the country. The parents of the child ask why they should be made to suffer so that the NM CYFD can profit from their losses.

Wherefore, the natural parents of Logan Hedrick compel this Court to reverse the termination order and no contact order, restore their parental rights, end the services of the child's Guardian add litum and foster care parents and close the Honor Guardianship case, and for any other relief that this Court may deem just, fair and equitable under the Law.

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