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CYF Eastern Regional Office

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Pittsburgh
Address 400 N Lexington St #106
Phone 412-473-2000

CYF Eastern Regional Office Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2017

I have a concern about a worker on my case it seems as though she's trying make something out to be worser than what it is also she's telling me that I'm being recorded with my conversation with her and that it would be unlikely for me to give me keep my children in a certain sense she's not saying it physically she's saying it in her own way by the way she does not even know where my child is at. My daughter is in a dangerous situation with her father children called just to see if the baby was in a safe environment it's like she's trying to turn this investigation into a case I feel as though she's not doing her job correctly instead to trying to intimidate me instead of doing her job completely about the child how are you to tell someone that when they relocate to another state that you're going to read locate their papers and transfer their case when you don't even know if there's a case open yet so that's why I feel as though she's trying to make this out to be something that is really not and I don't feel as though this case is open on the right reasons as it should be I feel as though Children and Youth Target's the wrong families. Instead of going after kids that are actually in danger they go after kids that they don't even know that even in danger yet they just make a quick judgment over what they see on paper instead of really looking at the parent and how they take care of the child Children and Youth. Lexington office needs to be investigated on how they handle these kids in the reasons of why they taking children out of homes and why they're opening up random cases I also feel as though if I've been raising my child for a year going onto with no children youth involvement regardless of my past and also was in a whole nother State and they had no problems why on the sun Italy Pennsylvania has problems if it was open today in his safety and well-being of children is all thrown off and they truthfully need to be investigated on every protocol level there is thank you and my name is Shannon Williams someone please get back to me.

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