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Cycles of Jacksonville

Country United States
State Florida
Address 8209 ATLANTIC BLVD
Phone (904) 721-2453.

Cycles of Jacksonville Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2020

On June 17, 2020 I took my 2008 Honda GL1800 GoldWing motorcycle to Cycles of Jacksonville to have the air in the tires replaced with nitrogen. I went to the service desk and check in with the service writer with the info on my 2008 GoldWing motorcycle. The service writer told me it was going to be $15.00 dollors a tire to put nitrogen in the motorcycle tires. I told the service writer let's do it put the nitrogen in the tires and gave him the keys to my motorcycle.

I then went to talk with the dealership manager kyle about a damage estimate done by the service manager Brian Baldwin on old GoldWing. I talk with Kyle about the some of the parts listed on the estimate writen by Brian Baldwin. Some of the part listed on the estimate as damaged had no signs of any damage to them. Mr. Kyle the G M of the dealershipsaid he needed to seek with Brian. Mr. Kyle sent Mr. Brian Baldwin who is the service manager for the dealership to seek with me.

Mr. Brian Baldwin took me to his office. Brian told me that all the parts on the estimate had damage. I told Brian the windsheild listed on the damage estimate is installed on my new motorcycle with no damage from the crash. Mr. Brian ask if I would like to see the damage to the windsheild and the reason why he wrote it on the estimate. He stated it had scratches in it, it is a 2008 windsheild. I told Brian yes it is a 2008 windsheild but it did not have any scratches in it. Mr. Brian said yes it does have scratches in it that is the reason I said it was damaged.

Mr. Brian told me I could now leave the dealership because he was no longer going to work on bike at that dealership any more. Mr. Brian gave me the keys to my GoldWing motorcycle and asked me to leave. I left the dealership at that time on my motorcycle to meet my wife for late lunch.

As I pulled out of dealership parking lot in to the street in front of the dealership I looked through the windsheild and saw large wavy scatches in the center of the windsheild. These scratches were not there when I put the bike in shop for the nitrogen in the tires. I thought it must have happened while it was in the shop. When I met my wife for lunch I called back to the dealership and spoke with the G M Kyle about the scratches that were not there when I came for service but are there now. Mr. Kyle told me I should have told him about the scratches before I left the lot and now it is to late that can't do any thing for me.

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