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Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 7720 Montgomery Road Suite 300
Phone (513) 815-8497

Cyclebar Reviews

  • Apr 26, 2019

What they don't tell you that the rides expire in 30 days and that they will continue to charge your credit card monthly until you catch it.

They charged me for 6 months and refused to credit any of the charges back. They are masters at the Bait and switch. They lead you to believe that you are signing a release for the 8 rides you purchased. SO new members beware. They don't care about the honest thing to do. It's all about how many members that they can scam.

New potential members, please read all the fine print before you take any of their classes. They give you this great sales pitch. They tell you that you can purchase 8 rides for just $99 to be used anytime. The truth is these 8 rides expire in 30 days and they continue to charge your credit card each month.

It's their way of generating monthly cash flow by scamming members that it is a one time charge. The front desk person, Morgan, is extremely rude and could care less about the consumer. Please be aware of their scam.

  • Aug 9, 2016

My name is Amy and I was a model for Cyclebar over months ago for a BIKE WEEK event in NYC! I do not understand what is wrong with these people! Was just told that push still has not been paid for the work we did on May 1st and 2nd 2016 for this Fox & Friends news segment. Not only were they extremely rude at the event but it has been 3 months now and we still have not been paid.

I do not know if this company is facing finical problems or what but Cyclebar cannot just NOT pay there people. If Fox News (and the sponsers) only knew that the 50 or so models who were contracted to act as customers of Cyclebar were not paid I am they would not be happy. These people have zero integrity and they need to be stopped. Also found the “owner” of terrible franchise on linked in. Would not do business with this guy!!!! We all get that you are rich now but you need to pay your models!!!!

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