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Cycle Exchange

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 14540 N. Florida Ave
Phone (813)264-2777

Cycle Exchange Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2016

My son and I purchased a motorcycle from "Cycle Exchange" in Tampa, FL. and was charged a $100.00 TITLE FEE, and a $50.00 TAG/REGISTRATION FEE at the time of the purchase. When we received the TITLE in the mail after paying off the bike, it was still in another companies name. I took the TITLE to the DMV, and they stated this was very close to what is called "Title Jumping". The person at the DMV ask "why was the Title not placed into our name when we purchased it", as we had already been charged a TITLE / REGISTRATION FEE. We had to pay the DMV a Title and Registration Fee to have the motorcycle titled in our name.

I went to Cycle Exchange in Tampa, FL. and spoke with the salesperson that we had purchased the bike from. I explained the situation to him and he stated that he was even confused as to why the Title had not been transfered into our name, and why we had to pay the DMV for something we had already paid for once; Title/Registration Fees. The manager of Cycle Exchange in Tampa FL. was supose to contact me, but I had to follow up and call them to speak with the manager/owner. He said on the phone to me, those fees (Title/Registration) were not really for Title/ Reg as listed on the Bill of Sale (that I signed for) but should have been listed as for (Administration Fees), not Title /Tag/ Registration Fees. ??? These line items have to be printed in on the bill of sale, I ask them to refund the Title/Reg Fees, and he just said that they will not do that, and that was the end of the conversation. This is a SCAM FOR MONEY and when confronted about it, they are not willing to make it right!

Anyone who deals with this company (CYCLE EXCHANGE, and MOTOLEASE), should do research on them first and then contact another reputable motorcycle shop. Ask the other shop if the use MOTOLEASE or why they do not.

MY complaint is that we were mislead on paying TITLE FEES, TAG/REG FEES, when they do not do what is expected. Register and properly Title the bike.

Customer service rating; Zero out of Five..

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