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Cybert Tire Corp

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 726 11th Ave
Phone 212-265-1177

Cybert Tire Corp Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2015

November 2014 I bring my pathfinder to Cybert to repair The radiator thermostat. After diagnostic and repair I pay $800. March 2015 the truck is leaking fluid, I return truck to Cyberterrorist and they diagnose the problem as "someone" putting on the wrong radiator cap causing fluid to leak out. They were the last people to touch the radiator, they reply that that sounds like a conspiracy theory. I font fuss, I pay the $800 diagnostic and repair....again. Two days later my son is driving back to college alone and breaks down outside Buffalo, NY. After nearly freezing, he gets towed to the nearest service station where they find that the radiator cap was not properly placed on the radiator and caused all the fluid to leak out and cause the engine to overheat. I take the invoice from the Buffalo service station to Cybert and am told the manager isn't around they'll give him the invoice. After dodging my calls for a week, I finally get hold of the service manager who tells me that because I didn't have the truck towed back to them (over 490 miles from where it broke down) he would NOT honor the service waranty. These people overcharge and then repeatedly fail to take responsibility for their mistakes. The worse, most dangerous, kind of auto repair thieves. They have NO conscious.

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