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Country United States
State Alabama
City Oak Brook

Cyberstalking Reviews

  • Mar 4, 2020

He cares about money more than people. Will convince you that you will make lots of money if you work for him. Proof that he is a scammer is found at look for yourself.

That respondent violated sections 12.A and 12.D of the act. That by acting as a salesperson and/or dealer in the state of illinois, without being registered as such, respondent violated section 12.C of the act. That respondent violated section 12.F and section 12.G of the act.

Respondents and , inc., market themselves as financial strategists through various media, including radio. Respondents also offer and sold certain securities exempt from registration.

Respondents entered into a consent order whereby they agred to either: 1) become properly registered to offer and sell securities in illinois; or 2) provide a disclaimer that they are not registered to offer and sell securities in illinois and only transact investment business with accredited investors and exempt securities. Respondents also agreed to refund the principal paid by an insurance customer and pay a fine of $500.00 to the department. The underlying complaint that initiated the department investigation was found to not be within the department's jurisdiction.

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