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Cybersonic Toothbrush

Country United States
State California
City Oceanside
Address P.O. Box 5408
Phone (800) 770-7525

Cybersonic Toothbrush Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

I have been using cybersonic toothbrush system for years. They claim to provide free replacement brush heads. They charge $7.99 for the s&h even though the package could not possibly cost that much to ship. I always just accepted this and didn't question it. However, last week I received a postcard from Amden Corporation stating:

"For many years, we have offered our brush replacement program with extended warranty for just $7.99 shipping & handling per set while our costs (warehousing, packing, shipping, etc.) have continued to rise. Due to these factors and the latest postage increase, we are finally being forced to increase our s&h rate by $2.00 in order to continue to provide the same level of service and convenience you are accustomed to. Beginning with your next scheduled shipment, the new rate will take effect but without any changes to your shipments or benefits.

We understand increases are tough. If this new rate would be a hardship for you, we do have an alternate plan that will keep your existing pricing and give you the same products and benefits. We can combine your shipments, sending double the amount in each, but shipped half as often. For example, if you current receive one set every three months, we can send two sets every six months instead. By combining shipments we can reduce costs and keep most accounts at your current shipping rates so you will pay no more in total than you are paying now. If you woud like to take advantage of this option, please email or call us and request to combine and keep your current pricing."

So I called them thinking this sounds good, I will get two shipments per year instead of four saving both myself and their company money. However, when I called I was told they would charge me double for the shipment but only twice per year. I questioned how this would "reduce costs" to me as the consumer and the person just kept repeating the double price. I asked how the brushes are considered free when obviously I am paying for them. If the brushes are indeed free and the shipments are combined adding what could only amount to a few ounces how could that possibly double the s&h? It's obviously they are using the s&h fee as a mask for the fact that they are actually charging their consumers for the brush head. It's a complete scam. I have cancelled my service, not due to the cost but the principle that they are deceiving their consumers and asking their consumers to reduce the number of shipments so they can reduce their costs but not passing along the savings.

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