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Country United States
State California
City City of Industry
Address 730 Baldwin Park Blvd
Phone (888) 900-5180

CyberPowerPC Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2020

I have bought multiple CyberPower Laptops and Desktops. Every single one has had an issue. 2 have had shipping issues where the computers were wet when I got them. And they had packaging that was falling apart.

All of them have had component failure and had to have things replaced. This last issue is the one that will cause me to give them bad reviews to help others not get taken by these people.

I had a laptop where the memory went bad. So to be quicker and to save their company money I said I would be willing to install the new memory into my laptop and send the memory I removed back.

I was told this would be faster and they would ship out the memory to me that same day. A week has passed and they have not shipped out the modules. They are now saying it can take 3 weeks just to ship me memory. Spoke with Chad badge #0846 he is the RMA manager and escalation team manager. He would do nothing to get me quicker shipping for the memory modules.

HORRIBLE Customer service and there is always an issue. Do Not buy from this company!!!

  • Jan 7, 2016

Wife ordered me a new laptop for xmas from these guys, I opened the box on xmas day and booted up the system, right away it came up with c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll error on first boot up, I called Tech support, they wanted me to spend hours upon hours reloading the whole system for a missing file, well I fixed this myself with no help from them, they do not know how to troubleshoot a PC. They always go back to the easy way out to get you off the phone, reload which is a joke. Then the mouse pad stopped working afer a week, and it locks up when it tries to shut down. This computer was never tested and keeps on breaking, I am asking for a full refund since they send out junk and can not give you the correct tech support for your real issues. These guy like to rip people off and send them junk that is broken right out of the box.

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