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Country United States
State California
City City of Industry
Address 730 Baldwin Park Blvd
Phone (888) 900-5180

CyberPowerPC Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2023

I bought a PC and was sent one with broken components as well as others not installed/seated completely. When i called in, i was connected with "Willis L." He promptly told me there was nothing that coild be done and I would have to eat this loss. Mind you the pc was 2800 USD. I then started a complaint with the BBB and IC3 resulting in me getting an exchange, however, i did have to pay am additional 60 dollars in shippong. They then sent me a replacement card of leaser value. It was not the same component or even the same brand as what i had sent them. Regardless, the replacement was also broken. I contacted them again and asked for a refund, at this point i doubt they do this right no matter how mamy times they tried, they told me its past the 30 day window and id have to pay 15% on a 2800 pc for a restocking fee. I haven't used this pc yet, and 6 of the 7 weeks it has been here it has had parts being shippwd back and forth. I feel like I am being bullied and targeted deliberately. I will go further to assume they do this often and is how they maintain sales at all. The customer service couldn't be worse. Everything about this is shady. This restocking fee thing that THEY have drawn out has prevented me from refunding this broken thing.

Now I'm stuck with a 2800 dollar hole in my savings and no pc. I got a family and with inflation being what it is this is a unaffordable loss. How are my kids going to do school work without a pc?

  • Aug 24, 2022

Since the first day the CyberpowerPC computer I bought at BestBuy has been junk. It crashes constantly. The only service I got was after calling them endlessly, I was told to reinstall the operating system, which sucks, that would be ok if it worked but it did not.

They strung me along for months with no solutions and then it went out of warranty and they said, too bad. Don't be a sucker, stay away, they are pedaling overpriced junk. Anything would have been a better choice.

  • Jun 14, 2022

CyberPower PC (referred to as "CP" for the rest of the report) is a computer sales and repair company out in California. A friend recommended them to me and I ordered a custom computer from their website. The original CP computer sent to me came with severe damage and missing parts. I called CP up about this and I had to send them multiple emails and phone calls about returning the computer for a new one under the store's warranty. They finally accepted and I mailed back the computer. This was in December and their repair policy is 7 weeks for the worst-case scenario.

At 5 or 6 weeks I emailed about an estimated finish time as I was getting ready for a business trip and would need the computer. In writing, they said they had the computer, but they were missing a part. They would have it finished and sent to me as soon as they can. Three more weeks passed. I called them up and they said they were missing a different part now, but they should be sending the computer out on their end-of-week shipment. It never came. I called again and sent emails. Same response of "uh, I don't know what happened. I'm sure it will be out by the end of the week." This went on for SIX MONTHS until I told them it was unacceptable to be yanked around like this and they told me they would give me a full refund as "It's probably easier to refund you than figure out what happened." So I waited again.

After waiting another 3 weeks for them to process the refund, they only gave back a small portion of the money. Claiming there were a lot of fees for the repair and then restocking when the repair was canceled. All for the computer they never repaired. I tried calling up to find out what happened and the guy I had on the phone, who claimed to be the "Head of the Repairs Department", laughed at my call. Then told me "There's nothing you can do, you should have known we weren't going to lose money on this." So I called up my bank for a chargeback and they say it's passed the chargeback deadline since the purchase was over 6 months old by this point. Even though I only had the computer 1 night. I have copies of all their promises in writing, but in the end, they are frauds. Never got my computer and lost a couple of thousand dollars to them.

  • Jun 27, 2021

I bought my PC and chair on 08/31/2020 see below I and having a warranty issue with the chair it will not hold in the upright position I followed the companies police about submitting a claim online I sent an email and the response was they will respond in 48hrs a week later and no response this was Feb 14 2021 I sent a 2nd email no response I then called in was sent over to the warranty dept the recording said to submit a case online I called back and was transferred to another dept and was on hold for 2 hrs no on answered I emailed the sales dept asking for help no response.

I called over and over I get a person who does not speak good English who keeps transferring me to the same dept finally I called again last week the person who answered I told him to stop transferring me I told him I want another chair or I was filing a complaint he said go ahead he did not care I have had it with this company I will never ever buy a PC from then I want a new chair or I will file with the FTC

  • Jun 6, 2021

Cyberpower PC has provided what might be the worst customer service experience in the history of customer service. I was shipped a bad PC after waiting 4 months. The GPU and drives were bad. They stretch out the tech support for weeks until it was past the date to return it for a refund. I sent it back for repair after they refused to refund the purchase. I received it back several weeks later and it won't even power up. I tried every troubleshooting technique, but it's just a bad PC. I've been trying for two weeks to get any kind of help from the company and have received no response. I've gone as far as filing complaints with the BBB and other sites.

  • Nov 24, 2020

I have bought multiple CyberPower Laptops and Desktops. Every single one has had an issue. 2 have had shipping issues where the computers were wet when I got them. And they had packaging that was falling apart.

All of them have had component failure and had to have things replaced. This last issue is the one that will cause me to give them bad reviews to help others not get taken by these people.

I had a laptop where the memory went bad. So to be quicker and to save their company money I said I would be willing to install the new memory into my laptop and send the memory I removed back.

I was told this would be faster and they would ship out the memory to me that same day. A week has passed and they have not shipped out the modules. They are now saying it can take 3 weeks just to ship me memory. Spoke with Chad badge #0846 he is the RMA manager and escalation team manager. He would do nothing to get me quicker shipping for the memory modules.

HORRIBLE Customer service and there is always an issue. Do Not buy from this company!!!

  • Jan 7, 2016

Wife ordered me a new laptop for xmas from these guys, I opened the box on xmas day and booted up the system, right away it came up with c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll error on first boot up, I called Tech support, they wanted me to spend hours upon hours reloading the whole system for a missing file, well I fixed this myself with no help from them, they do not know how to troubleshoot a PC. They always go back to the easy way out to get you off the phone, reload which is a joke. Then the mouse pad stopped working afer a week, and it locks up when it tries to shut down. This computer was never tested and keeps on breaking, I am asking for a full refund since they send out junk and can not give you the correct tech support for your real issues. These guy like to rip people off and send them junk that is broken right out of the box.

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