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CyberDoc LLC

Country United States
State New York
City East Setauket
Address 248 Route 25A Suite 50
Phone (631) 606-0794

CyberDoc LLC Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2016

Be careful with this company, I feel they have low standards in their repair service by leaving out screws and other hardware such as metal shields and wire hold downs after completing a repair.

I also feel they have further damaged a phone I sent in for repair and they will not accept responsibility. I sent a iPhone 6S in for a repair because during a screen replacement the backlight track was damaged. I received the phone back after the repair and a few days later went to use the camera and found out the camera failed to work. It was just black.

After contacting them I was told to send it back they would check it out, but there was nothing they done to damage it. Before sending it back I opened the front of the phone to swap out the camera just in case that was the problem and was very disappointed with what I saw inside the phone. Heat shields were removed from mother board, screws and SIM tray area parts was missing. The motherboard where the flex cables hooked was also missing the hold down shields and it was a gooey mess from either flux or paste. According to this company they said it was black thermal paste applied to motherboard by Apple. The paste was all over the screen connections to include the camera connections.

I asked them over Facebook messenger why it was such a mess and was told shields were removed to run wires to make the back light track work I also mentioned the camera not functioning and asked if they could take a look at it to see if there was something that could have caused it to quit functioning.

A comment made by them was "really dont want to see this board again lol" not sure why that response unless he had issues the first time which made it such a bad memory. After brief conversing over Facebook I was told to send it back they would check it out. I took a picture of the inner board for future memory. I sent the phone back. A while later I messaged them and was told they had found a sticky substance on the backside of board and that could have impacted the camera. I took that as a logical answer even though I couldn't figure out how anything could have gotten into it.

A couple days later I sent another phone to them with a damaged motherboard that I received from a customer. After the 2nd phone was sent I received the first phone back, again it was missing more components, because they phically removed the motherboard, to include the SIM tray. I messaged again on FB and notified them they failed to send the SIM tray and that even with an extra SIM tray I did have, it wasn't fitting into the slot all the way and it wasn't seating properly. I also mentioned each time I sent the phone to them it seemed to come back in worse shape.

The person I spoke with on Facebook at their company began getting very rude, calling me names multiple times, I told them I would be getting back with them through other means, the company representative called me names again and also made a statement that I was making threats. I said not making threats just the next step through legal means to solve the problem.

I informed them I had sent another item to them before receiving the first phone back the second time but I wanted them to decline it and return it because I was dissatisfied with their service. That was over two week ago and the other phone has not been returned "and" they have blocked me on Facebook "FB" so I can't contact them on FB. I have the whole conversation from my Facebook account to use in a civil suit and send to the BBB.

Further this company is the only company to take this mother board out of the phone and they had the nerve to tell me the motherboard was in bad shape and the SIM tray was already damaged from his memory. I sent him a picture of the internal phone showing SIM tray in the phone with no damage. He also had the nerve to tell me to send it back, with the SIM card I want to use in the phone, because once he gets it in it might not be able for removal again. I informed them it was unacceptable.

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