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Cyber Trading University

Country United States
State New York
City Syosset
Address 6800 W Jericho Turnpike # 110E
Phone 877 702 9237

Cyber Trading University Reviews

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  • Nov 1, 2018

Avoid at all costs. I paid for a trial with CTU. The advertised methods looked very interesting and they set me up with a call to Fausto. He had high credibility as he has been on the national business and other network shows. After speaking with him, I signed up for their course. He IMMEDIATELY billed me $1000 before my paidup trial ended.

I cancelled 4 days after my talk with Fausto as I had a personal issue and couldn't possibly continue with $1000/mo until the course ended. Not only did they immediately drop me from their site but also cancelled the trial I paid for. The BIG surprise was they hit me $1000 on my CC even though I received nothing of value from them.

I called several times right after I cancelled with the same promise that they would get back with me. I then emailed them and still, absolute silence from them. I called the CC and disputed the charge as I cancelled prior to my trial ending. The deal Fausto made with me was different than their standard contract which they pressed me to sign immediately and I never did.

The deception from CTU was they sent the CC company their standard contract in the dispute and NOT the agreement they made with me. They also deleted the link for my contract so I had no way to get it. My advice is to NOT even think about using them. Don't believe their positive writeups as they probably had a PR firm write them up.

Stay as far away as you can. Listen to nothing Fausto says as it appears that all he wants is YOUR money to pad his wallet. A VERY bad way to do business and a VERY bad company. Also, I saw no evidence that their training could produce the results they promised. From their dealings with me, it's clear to me that all they want is to take your money. I'm down $1000 with nothing to show from them for it except a hole in my account. Stay clear!!!

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  • Dec 29, 2019

I called to cancel, before I received anything, and was told they would not bill me, then 2 bills of $149 were received.

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