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Cyber Discovery Group Inc.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Bay City
Address 3723 Wilder Rd

Cyber Discovery Group Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2015

Attention! This might have got you owned!


The preceding "complaints" were not authentic and were part of a training scenario. Mr. Richard C. is not a real person and has never done "business" with the Cyber Discovery Group (CDG). This website was used as a Social Engineering awareness exercise to demonstrate how easy an attacker could provoke a stakeholder into getting hacked using information on the public web. The link posted in "Jon C's" comment is a is designed to collect information on the person which clicks it. This information is harmless but shows how easy an attacker can use open and public third-party websites to trick people into clicking on untrusted links and allowing a computer to get compromised through things such as XSS, XSRF, and more to steal session cookies/token, credentials, and much more.

It is common for Cybersecurity training sources to often use their own personal information for realistic training as not to risk accidentially damaging some other individual or company and to be able to actually show how things work with tools/techniques.

The Cyber Discovery Group is a veteran owned charity and never solicits for money, the overhead is near nothing and we have literally no operating cost (Surprise! Discovering cybersecuirty is free!). Our support comes from contributions from members out of their own will (mostly using computer equipment and time) and our public events are 98% of the time at a public library with open doors to the general public to freely walk in and sit down on a discussion about cybersecurity.

Cyberspace is a beautiful place when treated with respect and when users are educated on the dangers it can bring. Support your local IT/Tech community and never be afraid to stop them and ask "Cyber" related questions. These people usually are very passionate about what they do and they are often more than happy to explain it once more to someone who will actually take it to heart and listen.

Have a great day and remember, Be More, Do More, Discover More!

  • Aug 24, 2015

This Non-Profit is anything but that. I met this guy, Jon Creekmore, once was as not impressed. He continuted to solict me for money after I repeatedly told him I wasn't interested. I question a Non-Profit organization that is pushy. He says that everything he does it to spread awareness, but it all comes with a hidden fees. I'd rather find someone who is upfront and hoenst if I needed help. I question his knowledge on cyber because he really didn't seem to know much and when I went home I did some research on him and his Certs were completed within a 3 month period. I don't know about you, but I don't think I would take advice from someone who has 3 months on the job. This guys obvious can't be trusted and it won't be long before this guys talks to the wrong person and gets a lawsuit for fraud. Look-out August, there is a new scammer in town.

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