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Cyber Broadcasting, LLC

Country United States
State Illinois
City Coal City
Address 680 S Broadway St
Phone 815-634-8708

Cyber Broadcasting, LLC Reviews

  • Aug 17, 2017

I have been a customer of cyber broadcasting for several years. They used to be owned by another more honest person. Not anymore. Their internet service does not work. When you call for service. They make appointment for techs who never show up. You are given a 5 hour window which means nothing. When you call to ask what happened they hang up. Then if you leave a message you never get a return call. Their after hours hotline has no hotline. When you call they tell you they cannot help you. There only reason for existance seems to be that you don't leave a messge with anyone. They fault everyone execpt themselves. In the mean time they expect you to pay the bill for which you get not service. Sound like Fraud. It is.

They have canned responses for everything. They love to scam Seniors and the disabled. They tell you everything you need to hear. and never do a thing for you. This morning was the worst. I have not had steady internet service for almost a month. I was told the tech would come between 9 am and noon. He never showed I had to give up a doctors appointment for this. When I was called I was put on hold and then hung up on. The error msg I get is DNS server is broken. or line between network and computer is broken. I am not stupid I check my connections and they are fine. Then the tech calls me and yells that there is nothing wrong with the network it is my equiptment. He tells me I need to buy and brand new tablet because the one I have is one year old and that is my fault. He also tells me my laptop is at fault.. My laptop works with other wifi just not theirs. I get the errors I told you. Every time it rains, snows or is windy the dish on the roof breaks and nothing works and they still want me to pay. Then the tech tells me if he has to come over He will charge me more and he will not fix it so I told him not to come and started looking for a new provider. I cried all day. I found one my new service has to start on the first of the month.

Now these people are threatening me with fees you will not believe. They are very serious I cannot believe the BBB gave them and Aplus rating. for what. Screwing everyone to the wall. In my apartment bldg, everyone hates these people. All their services do not work. The telephone never works. Cable is broken most of the time. I cannot believe them. How can they get away with it. Also, they buy there packets from another company. Sometimes they do not have enough packets and the service goes down and stays down for weeks. Is this even legal? There are so many scams in this company, I cannot list them all. Please be warned about Cyber Broadcasting 604 N. Broadway Coal City, ILL. You will loose your money and your mind. 8-16-17 I have tried in good faith to be a good customer and it is useless. Bonnie 8-16-17

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