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CWI Maintenance, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Deland
Address 111 E Church St
Phone (386) 456-7391

CWI Maintenance, Inc. Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

These guys will call multiple times from different numbers and say different company names.


Down South

TX Construction are just the one I have heard from. After reading up, there are a lot more names.

I bid 2 projects for this company and I charge a trip charge for each and every commercial estimate

I have an email approval and PO so they knew I charge to go look. I'm busy so I don't have all day to run around and do free estimates.

The trip charge weeds out the not serious ones so I can focus on ready to work jobs.

I do over 1200 of these calls a year and have never experience such a lack of professionalism.

I went to look at the job and took pictures, spoke to the manager at the location and then went to my truck to call in and tell them what needed to be repaired.

The service rep who anwswered the phone started yelling and cursing about why didnt I fix the problem. I clearly explained I have not been to the location and that was the purpose of my visit so I could determine what needed to be reparied.

I sent in my invoice and PO and pictures and never got paid.

The other project was a stride rite that needed a door attached. I went to the job in the mall and quickly attached 2 carriage bolts to fix the door. I took pictures, had the manager sign off and never got paid on that one either.

I would advise you to seek out other sources of work. Too many of us have been ripped off by this company.

I stiil get calls from them to go look at jobs, I just delete their voicemail. I've lost enough on them.

  • Oct 6, 2015


its been since may and still no payment.. Spoke to the Vp and he will not pay. .he said you live there i live here good luck.. stay away from these people they are dangours.. read all the complaints on them!!!

  • Sep 26, 2015

My Company has completed 2 separate jobs for CWI Maintenance. One was on 6/5/2015 and the other on 5/1/2015. I have sent them over signoffs from the manager of the store where the work was completed and many pictures. Now almost 4 months later and I still have not been paid for the jobs. I have tried contacting them for the past month straight with only one response which said that the one job was never approved to do the work. After I submitted to them the letter that said that the work was approved they said that they were giving the information to the owner. The that was the last time I heard from them. No return to my emails and no calls back.

I would stay away from doing any work for this company. They do not pay their contracters!

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