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CW3 Construction, LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Glenside
Address P.O.Box 794
Phone 215-605-7230

CW3 Construction, LLC Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2015

I found these jerks on Craigslist looking for HVAC talent. I did the first job and was paid for the first two days and was promised the balance on a check. They seemed legit, business vehicles, working for a major auto parts supplier that I know is hard to get into, half knew what they were doing and knew what they did not know. THat is where the good news ended.

I got sent to other jobs while the 2 weeks was pending. They asked for a W9, "Legit" I thought, I gave it. They asked for a Skills Inventory, "Cool" I thought, more work. They asked that I pull equiment from a job site that they claimed someone else had screwed them, "Fair enough" I thought, I pulled the equipment.

When the time came to get paid, the stories started coming, but no money. They asked for a non - compete to be signed. "Fair enough, but get me paid first", I smell a run around. Two months go by with no money, new stories, excuses, claims that the owners were religious and could not work on certain holidays. What a ******* collection of liars tramps and thiefs.

I filed my lawsuit to collect the money I was owed, they tried, without success to file a theft report. (My compliments to the Lower Merion Twp Police department for recognizing the criminal).

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