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CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

Country United States
State Rhode Island
City Woonsocket
Address One CVS Drive
Phone 401-772-3984

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 11, 2020

Matthew Waldrup is nothing but a bully pharmacist. I was a customer at this store for 10 years before he came along. But the other techs and pharmacist Dereck and Ryan Smith bad mouth about me to him. I had complained to the store manager for years since 2014. I had complained to CVS corporate I had been a customer since 2007.

I got tired of how they were treating me this was tech was real ugly of course she was new in 02/2019. This is what prompted me to file a complaint with the Board of Pharmacy thinking it would make a difference. They were a little friendlier during the complaint investigation. On 01/20/2020 Dereck one of the pharmacists was all nice to me saying they would have it ready my test strips to check my blood sugar.

I always went through the drive-through but I decided to go inside to see about something. This new tech of course was already causing me trouble she knew. She told me I had to wait for 1 hour while before it would only take 15 minutes to fill inside. It would take an hour or so if I had dropped it off at the window.

Matthew proceeded to tell me off about my complaint with the Board of Pharmacy he told me I read what you put in your complaint violating my privacy rights telling my private business in front of other customers. He had my medicine test trips right there on the counter, and he was refusing to give them to me.

Then he made sure to tell me that the Board of Pharmacy ruled in their favor & he doesn't have to fill my medicine. The pharmacist would always get my dosage wrong therefore always having to go back to the pharmacy to get the rest. They would never have my or my sons ready by the promised time, which also got me upset.

I'm on high blood pressure medicine and have high blood sugar problems. So they knew I would get upset easier. I did call the police for what Matthew did verbally attacking me then he got Christine involved she came, after me while I was leaving the store telling me to leave. I have the whole incident recorded on my cell phone.

But they lied to the police that they didn't want me back & that hurt me to the core. They always had an issue with filling my prescription Which is why I made the complaint to the Board of Pharmacy in the first place. Christine slandered me to the police that I was the problem & she didn't want me to come back in the store.

It was Matthew who started it he told me to leave & not come back over the complaint to the Board of Pharmacy. I did nothing wrong. This other male customer proceeded to tell me off outside while I was waiting for the police that it was my fault I was shaking all over because of my high blood pressure my Diabetic blood sugar was 400 due to the stress. and my blood pressure 190/60.

This male customer was going to be a witness for the store that I started it all. No, it was Matthew and Christine. I have this male customer recorded. I am a single woman & everybody thinks they can abuse me or bully me. But I was told not to come back because I stood up to them. My trouble seems to follow me to other pharmacies in the area.

CVS complaint says that I can't say they are slandering me to other pharmacies. Well, I had the same type of trouble & the Walmart neighborhood pharmacy, with them picking on me & making me drive around. Then tell me I'm not allowed to have my medicine filled there anymore. I was victimized by Matthew Waldrup and he got away with it.

CVS hired these men like Jeffery Epstein. Matthew is the cause of all the problems that I have now. I lost my Doctor, because I had no issues with getting my Xanax at CVS.

  • Sep 4, 2020

My husband and I had just visited the pharmacy and had already purchased our medications without incident. We had shopped for some items for our grandson's birthday and household stuff, over the counter meds etc. and were not in any hurry. We were just patiently waiting in line for the cashier, there was one customer ahead of us.

The "manager" forced us to come to the self-checkout register and instead of letting me just do the self-checkout he wanted to stand very close to me, less than 2 feet, and get in my way, put my stuff in the bag for me and just generally treat me like an idiot. While this was going on, my husband noticed that he was not wearing his mask over his nose and requested that he fix it. The manager said he was sorry that it falls off when he talks.

I thought he had fixed his mask but when I looked over at him again, because of his highly annoying behavior, he had it almost completely off. Both myself and my husband are in high risk groups for COVID and this was our first time in the store in months but we both had our masks on correctly. I told him that if he did not properly cover his nose and mouth we were going to leave. He made up an excuse again and I told him that I did not give a "sh*t". He asked me to not curse at him. I told him I was the customer and I would do what I wanted.

He then said we should leave so I got mad and threw the items from the cart in the floor and onto the self-checkout. I told him to "f=off" and then he started hollering for someone to call the police because he was being assaulted. We left.

I called the store back once I got home to ask to speak to his supervisor. I was told he was the manager so I asked to speak to him. He did not want to give me his supervisor's phone number and he put me on hold but finally came back to give a phone number. The number was not covered over the weekend.

I asked him for his name and he mumbled something so I asked him to repeat it. He said he would not because he had already given it to me.

I called the store back after he hung up on me and asked the cashier what his name was.

  • Aug 22, 2020

Magamia and Kevy, two employees of the CVS store mentioned in the subject line are two of the most unprofessional staff members I have ever spoken on the phone with. Not ONE shred of decency, respect or care. Kevy is a big, nasty, bully who uses her position to be rude, hostile, uneducated, and plain vulgar. Horrendous customer service! The phone call I had with her should be pulled and used as an example as to what you should NOT do when speaking to a customer. Nasty, vile woman.

She told me that she was done speaking to ME! What a world where you can speak to a customer this way and STILL collect a paycheck when the error is on CVS. CVS decided not to fill my prescription and to not inform me in a timely fashion and I was told that I should be mad at the pharmacist who worked on Thursday, and then Kevy says "oh you mad at me now too" as though we were about to street brawl. How embarrassing that these women represent CVS!

While the customer service is abysmal at best, the pertinent issue is that CVS is withholding fulfillment of my prescription and was negligent in processing my prescription when it was sent electronically on 8/20. I had an appointment with my primary care doctor on Thursday 8/20 and they electronically sent over my prescription to CVS the same day. I called at 4:40 pm on 8/21 to confirm that this as well as another prescription were ready for pick up. I was told by the pharmacist that she is not going to fill it because the doctor needs to be called when a new medication is added which I know to be patently untrue as they have filled other new prescriptions for me with no issues and I also called another CVS where they advised that there is no such policy internally or as a matter of law or a standard protocol.

They have had the prescription since Thursday early afternoon. The pharmacist said she will try to call but that it can be a hold of 20 - 30 minutes to which I advised if the office closes in 20 mins so why would I be on hold for 30 min? She claimed to attempt to call, but the office was already closed and is closed on Saturday and Sunday essentially creating a situation where I am unable to start taking prescribed medication that I desperately need to start taking. This prescription has been properly issued by a medical doctor for a real and debilitating condition!

1. CVS made no attempt to adhere to their own "policy regarding verification" because no one called my doctor from Thursday until I called CVS to find out the status of my meds on Friday at 4:40pm! I received no calls regarding any questions or inability to contact my physician. If they were not going to process this I should have been alerted so that I can have the prescription transferred to a pharmacy that will either fill it or make any necessary calls needed to confirm whatever information is needed.

I now, for four days will not have access to my medication since the made up policy that the pharmacist advised of, precludes them from contacting my doctor for two days since most doctors offices are closed on the weekends. CVS had the prescription ALL DAY and did NOTHING! Your pharmacists are playing doctor and it's a very dangerous gamble with peoples health.

2. The act of not filling my prescription is racial profiling and a clear disregard for my rights under ADA. I know that this location is not in the best part of town and perhaps the employees are taught to give the general customer base (minority) more scrutiny. I am a black woman who suffers from Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD - I understand that I may not be the typical archetype for prescriptions for Vyvanse, Wellbutrin, and Xanax, and I know that because they are Schedule II and IV they are closely regulated, but that shouldn't mean that I should be denied services and have my prescriptions disregarded with NO NOTICE when they were prescribed by a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

There is no legitimate reason for the denial. This selective duck, duck, goose of deciding who gets their prescription meds or not needs to cease immediately. Mental health issues are just as serious as physical issues, but your staff apparently didn't get the memo on this. Ironically your pharmacy is now causing the very thing that my prescription was supposed to assist with. Why am I ALWAYS getting push back on my prescriptions that treat my mental health issues with CVS? This is unethical by any professional standard. The first time I went to this CVS to have the Vyvanse prescription filled, they initially advised that the pharmacy manager was away and he would need to fill it.

I politely advised them that it is unfathomable to make someone wait until an employee returns from vacation to fill a prescription. After some discussion the prescription was filled, however I am still unclear as to why these made up policies and procedures keep applying specifically to my treatment plans? There is a serious issue and it needs to stop now! I need these medications for serious psychiatric conditions. If this were a cancer medication would it be withheld in this manner?

While waiting for the Vyvanse to be filled, I overheard the pharmacist and a staff member talking about if a customer comes in and pays with a Chime Spending Account card "you can tell what type of customer this will be", suggesting that this payment method denotes an undesirable customer. Chime is a card used by people who generally can't open traditional bank accounts - minority customers. I have a Chime Card, and a Wells Fargo Card, and several credit cards. I used my Chime card that day to pay. I wonder if by me doing so that opened me up to this pharmacy's profiling too.

There is something rotten to the core at this store and this pharmacy department, when behaviors and practices such as these are pervasive and sanctioned. Look at your Yelp page, it's littered with instances of customers sharing their experiences of profiling and discrmination and customer service issues. Something is definitely wrong here. It's pathetic that I have to go to another CVS store in a "better" neighborhood so that I can interact with educated, articulate, and professional staff members who don't profile you and determine that you shouldn't be using certain meds because you are brown and instead simply take my insurance card, copay, process my prescription, and have me on my way - like it's supposed to go.

#Blacklives AND #Blackmentalhealth matters even if CVS employees don't seem to think so. The pharmacist’s “professional discretion,” still has to be based on a real concern AND if this really what was happening then this should have been communicated to me in a timely manner to allow me to get my medications filled elsewhere. I don't expect that anyone at the store level actually cares considering how the pharmacy department has been allowed to run thus far, but hopefully with some questions from the regulatory boards, perhaps you will investigate these pervasive issues before someone really gets hurt from your pharmacists playing doctor, being reckless, and withholding prescribed medicine for no reason - other than they can.

If these issues continue to happen, I will be forced to procure legal counsel to establish how I should proceed as this is now the second time I have had issues with filling prescriptions with CVS. Each instance has gotten progressively worse and we are now at the point where my medications are being withheld with no just cause. The employees are the actual bosses and managers here so they say and do WHATEVER they want, whenever they want and they know that they run that store which is why they continue to behave as they do. I will not allow them to play with my health and wellbeing ever again.

  • Feb 17, 2020

A rude and unfriendly cashier at this store a couple of months ago falsely accused my family of taking a gift card that was less than $25, which we didn't do. We did not take anything and there was no gift card! She then sarcastically said that they have us on surveillance footage!

This girl should have been reprimanded or fired from her job and she embarassed my family in front of other customers who were waiting in line and kept going on and on about it and wouldn't shut up! This is not right nor acceptable!

Because of this unpleasant incident, even though it was minor and nothing happened after that, we are never going back to that store again!

  • Dec 15, 2019

I am an Afro American and when I came into the store, she asked me to leave without any justification. I felt like I was profiled and singled out from the entire store.

I was visiting from out of state and this gave me a bad taste about California and especially CVS. I never felt so humiliated.

  • Apr 22, 2019

I scammer told me to purchase a Google Play Card for $500.00 and take it to Social Security Office because my ID was stolen and needed to be replaced by new documents for which I needed to post a Bond via such cards. This store had one card that was sold to me for cash and its cash register told me not to share the digits on the card with any one over phone because I could lose the money.

I purchase another company's three cards from Publix store for $1,500.00 cash. Then scammer on phone told me to give the card information on back. I refused and told him I needed to go to Social security Office. If they confirm, I will do next steps. I went there and I was told this was a common scam and if I gave no such information my money was safe. I went to Publix store and told their Manager how everything happened and now I need money back.

Publix refunded my money after getting permission from their HQ, getting my details etc. But CVS ruther Glen Virginia has not refunded my money despite the confirmation from Google Play that they originated the sale so CVS can make a refund. I am told by CVS to wait and it has been over ten days. I am 71 year old and can not see why the money that the scammer could not get from me should be retained by this evil Corporate Body. I asked them do you treat your grandpa in this way?

I am posting here with hope that some one from CVS top brass will try to help me because my attempts to reach him have not been fruitful. PLEASE HELP . MANY THANKS !!!

  • May 13, 2018

CVS, 1747 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028 Treats Their Customers Very Bad And It Shows! What A Disappointment! I shop at various CVS locations because supposedly CVS is or was My Favorite Drug Store Chain, but at times I have My Doubts! Early this afternoon being Monday, May 14, 2018 at approximately 12:30 P.M., I went inside this store location because I needed to use the bathroom. The female representative at the front just told ME to go to the back of the store in Aisle 25. When I got there, Both Bathrooms had Fake Signs Stating That The Bathrooms Are Not Functioning! However, while waiting at the back of the store for assistance, some Female Management Employee comes up to ME and tells ME that the Bathrooms Are Functioning, however, I am required to leave my BAG at the Front Of The Store. I asked her to Show ME the Sign that States that I Need To Leave My Bag At The Front Of The Store and She Refused Stating that the Next Time I Come Into Her Store that I Will Be Required To Leave My BAG at the Front Of The Store once I Walk Inside! I told her that I am Not A Thief, nor have I Ever Stolen Anything In My Life and back home in Toronto, Ontario Canada No Drug Store and/or Chain Drug Store Ever Treats, "Nor Abuses Their Customers" Like I Have Been By This Female Employee! She Simply Did Not Care! I Honestly Felt as if I Was In A Prison or something because this is Not A Normal Procedure Conducted By CVS! When I went back to the front of the store I asked the available store employee to Show ME The Sign Stating That All Bags Are To Be Left At The Front Of The Store and she told ME that there is No Such Sign and I Even Looked Around Myself and Saw Absolutely Nothing! I take this Very Personal and sounds like I have been Racially Attacked and/or Discriminated for Invalid Reasons! I can Not Believe How CVS Can Allow Their Employees To Mistreat and Abuse Their Customers For Invalid, Untrue and/or Unnecessary Reasons! I guess I won't be going back to this CVS location anymore! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find some pictures of the store location for your reference and further review. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset CVS Customer /HPS

  • Jan 23, 2018

CVS is constantly telling me they do not have the medication but the real reason is that there are people defaming my character and CVS is discriminating against me and not filling a controlled substance under the Food and Drug Administration (the one time they filled 1 out of 3 of my medications that were stolen and the other two they did not have two weeks early and did not ask for a copy of the Police Report like Wxxxxxxxx did) guidelines.

  • May 15, 2017

CVS advertised a free can of Barbasol shaving cream if you brought in 2 coupons. I went to the location at 1544 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA where the manager Brittney refused to honor the advertised special saying CVS policy only allowed the use of one coupon per product even though the ad specifically named these two coupons and said they were both required to get the free deal. She said CVS store policy was the only thing that mannered, not anything that CVS might put in its weekly store ad. They were not required to honor deals in their ad that violated their store policy.

  • May 12, 2017

I went to CVS minute clinic today for a sinus infection. I get these once a year and am always treated with an antibiotic that knocks it right out. I was in Greenville, SC and decided to try the minute clinic here instead of waiting to go back to Florida. Huge mistake.

First of all, I waited over an hour to be seen. Not that big of a deal, but when you are sick, sitting in a cramped waiting room is not ideal. Once I finally got in, after the patients prior to me were in there for over 30 minutes each, I explained my situation and the NP did not listen to a word I said. I was in there for less than 5 minutes and told that she would not give me a prescription for ANYTHING. I explained that I get this every year like clock work and the the antibiotics knock it right out if I start taking them early. Was told that she would not prescribe them to me.

After that, I was told that I would still have to pay for the 5 minute visit and the cost would be between $89 and $129 based on the level of service. She did absolutely nothing and I was charged the $129.00. Completely unacceptable. I want a complete refund of my money. This was the worst clinic visit I have ever experienced.

  • Dec 1, 2016

Today, their "customer service" rep validated for me that it is company policy to rip people off, and purposely scam their customers. It's a sad business model, but she told me there was nothing she could do about it.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, they had a special where if you purchased a specific product for $4.99, you would get $4 extra bucks back. You were supposed to be able to do this 3 times. I have the ad which shows the product and the sale.

I donate to a women's shelter, and I saw this as a great gift for them. However, as part of the scam, they make it difficult to even find the product, as I have discovered often, they put lots of things on sale, but they rarely have the inventory available in the stores. I went to four different stores before I found it.

I got three, but never saw the extra bucks. I was cheated out of $12. I sent an email through their site right away and was ignored on that issue, although they did give me $3 on other items I was cheated out of "as a courtesty" as though they were doing me a favor by honoring what they said they would do in the first place.

So, I called their "customer service" line about being cheated out of the $12, and at first the rep feigned ignorance, and then told me the products I bought were not part of the sale. When I asked her why they were pictured in the ad, she went off in a different direction, and then put me on hold for nearly five minutes.

When she came back, she told me there was nothing she could do about it because they were only allowed to issue so many extra bucks per year. She refused to say what the limit was or why she was refusing to do the right thing, so I asked for a supervisor. She told me there was no supervisor and there was no one there who could override the computer.

So, I asked her to validate that this was purposely set up to screw the customers, and she didn't deny it.

It's not the first time I was cheated out of exta bucks because of their computer system, but it's sad that they don't have a conscience about purposely doing that to their customers. When I asked her why they were refusing to honor their end of the bargain, she just kept telling me that she was sorry, but there was nothing else she could do. What a crock.

I met their requirements, and they purposely cheated me out of the money. This makes it cose to $50 I have lost because of their scams and schemes, and their refusal to do the right thing, even when there is proof that it was their fault.

Cheating me out of the money is not the only thing they can do. If they can't issue the extra bucks because their computer system won't let them do it, then how about sending me a gift card or doing it in some other form - like the post cards they send?

Purposely cheating, scamming and screwing customers is not a good busines model.

  • Nov 16, 2016

Ever since they gave up selling cigarettes, they have been increasingly creative in finding ways to screw consumers to make up for lost revenue.

For example, in the mail their "marketing" geniuses will send a coupon for 25% off, but when you read the fine print, there are so many exclusions, it renders the coupon useless. I complained a lot about that, and so the brilliant people have now decided to send a coupon that is called $1 extra bucks. However, they leave off the fine print on that scheme.

Today, I bought 2 bottles of shampoo, which should have qualified me for $5 in extra bucks, but because I used that coupon, it rendered me $1 short of qualifying for the the promotion. I didn't find that out until after I paid for it.

Another scheme I have encountered on a regular basis is when I shop on Saaturday afternoon, they switch their computer systems over to the sales for the next week. I have lost out on over $30 in extra bucks because they do that. I am going for the sales based on the current week, and even though I am still in the current week, I don't get them, because their computers are already calculating for the next week;s sales. When I have called their so called "customer service", I inevitably end up with some bitchy person who refuses to make it right. One person even told me it was my fault for shopping on Saturday.

So, it's a crapshoot game you have to play in order figure out whether or not you will get screwed when you go into the store, and they seem to like it that way.

As screwy as this is for customers, look at what they are doing to the people who work the registers who have deal first hand with the customers who are getting screwed.

  • May 20, 2016

Money Gram was not processing my cash pickup and would not tell me why, only asked that I wait to speak with someone. Ron the mgr of CVS instead of asking to help me got in my face threating me several times. I informed him that it was best he get his white a** out of my black face or help me with this money gram antiquated system. He continued to antaganize making me very angry. I left the store after he said I am going to the back to get your money, but he turned around half way and said he is not going to do a d**n thing about my money.

Charlotte police advised me to file and assault charge against this guy, but I decided the best thing is to get him out of the store before he confronts the wrong black person in that ghetto neighborhood and something really bad happens to him. My next move is to get this report to CVS. Following CVS results I will file assault charges against Ron and then I am taking this matter to federal court for law violations to be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allo to include monetary compensation.

Included in the lawsuit will be the characters who provided incorrect information to moneygram that started this confusion. They will be attached to the lawsuit for intentional Infliction of extreme anxiety and panic attacks. An attorney will be retained.

  • Apr 19, 2016

We have been using the same pharmacy for years with no problems.

Then I started having to use what they call class "C" or controlled medications for my back pain.

The first time I was shorted a medication, it was with my hydrocodone/tylenol prescription. It

was 10 pills. I called the pharmacy and talked to one of the pharmacists that I have talked to many times.

He informed me that the prescriptions were counted by two individuals, and he put me on hold to "check

his books."

He came back on the line and said he had checked, and they were all accounted for on their end, so it must

have been me. Could I have possibly have dropped them, or misplaced them or taken them by accident?

No, I said, I am very paranoid about these drugs and don't really like taking them at all, but I need them for

my severe back pain. He pretty much implied that it was my word against theirs.

I hung up feeling hurt and taken aback. I had not had this happen to me before, and I didn't know what

to do. I called the doctors office, and they said they couldn't replace the drugs and I would have to "reschedule"

my dosage to make up for the missing drugs.

That was the first time.

Tonight I was counting out my nightly meds, and I looked at my Lyrica 150 pill bottle. I had thought it looked a little

light, but I didn't count them, assuming that they had just prescribed 30 instead of 60.

Tonight I counted them. There were only 10 left in the bottle. I looked at the amount prescribed, and it said 60.

I was stunned that the same thing was happening again, and shame on me for not counting them as soon as

I got the prescription filled. I haven't called the drug store yet, as it's late at night and they are closed, but I

know what they are going to say. My problem, they double count and sign off for them.

I don't know what to do. It makes me feel so awful that maybe people will think that I am actually taking these

drugs myself.

I even offered to go to the police station and take a lie detector test. I never abuse my medications. If anyone else could offer some advice on what to do I would so very much appreciate it.

  • Oct 30, 2015

Insured by United Health Care. Went into Minuite Clinic and the nurse took all my information. She informed me that my insurance would cover payment and that I would owe nothing. 1 month later I get a bill in the mail from Minute Clinic for $100 exam fee.If I would have known that I would be getting a bill, I would never have agreed to sit with the doctor.

I called customer service and they put the blame on me and said that I should know my insurance policy. This is absolutly rediculous and I see many other people with similar situations regarding billing. This company is a complete scam and someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against Andrew Sussman and his minute clinic. You would think Harvard would teach an ethics class.

  • Aug 29, 2015

Went to cvs pharmacy to send some money and get money orders,the cashier told me i needed a valed id, when i asked why she rolled her eyes took a deep breath and said its policy for cvs. I told her my husband has his id and she told me not to let her see me hand him the money,i told him what was going on and he looked just as confused as i was. He paid for our purchase and asked for two money orders,he asked why did she need his id cuz no-one else asks and she told him the same thing but because of my husbands accent she became huffy said she couldnt understand him and i had to take over so he could walk away, no one else who works at that store has a problem with understanding him and we shop there alot! The attitude the cashier had was not appreciated and my husband is from puerto rico so in case shes was thinking differently now she knows,its getting to the point now we are seriously concidering not going back to cvs at all! I do not tolerate racism from anyone and do not think the people who stand behind counters have the right to judge anyone,needless to say it was our last trip to that store. We will be looking for other pharmacys/stores to fill prescriptions,get money orders,and do our business with

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