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CVS Caremark

Country United States
State Missouri
City Lee's Summit
Address PO Box 6590
Phone 1-800-552-8159

CVS Caremark Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2020

My doctor sent a prescription in to AETNA CVS Caremark. A rep called me and said it would be $140 for bupropin 300 xl ( generic for Wellburtin). i spent several hours wasting my time to qualify for disscounts thsr were never given. After dealing with this on and off alll day. I went on the computer to see what this drug cost at other places. I had my doctor send another prescrition for two of the 3 medicines on the original presription.

CVS Caremakr never told me they cancled the 3rd medicne. i spent several hours trying to see how their system worked and not one person offered to walk me thourgh aetna cvs caremark. After this year , I will go back to I had previously, they are terrible. I spoke with over 7 different persons, no one knows what they are dooing.

I have taken t bupropin generic for over 30 years and when they told me $140, I could not believe it. Since I refusedit, I had to have my Dr. write a prescripton to somewhre else where I picked up a 90 day supply fo both for depression medicnes for under $20

then called Aetan CVS Caremark, and was told they had good news it isnow $0 for your two depression medicnes. We classifed iit in the wrong tier.

No one would bother to call me had I paid the $140 each. If you believe they would I have some nowhere land to sellyou, i am on a fixed income and pay over $600 a month for medicare and secondary isnsurance. Us old people have to waste our tretirment time so we can put food on the table, insane!

  • Mar 8, 2018

Let this be a warning about allowing CVS Caremark to request a prescription from your doctor for online orders. Since 2010, CVS/Caremark has been handling prescriptions for the medical plan I am in. We are required to obtain 90 day refills for any long-term medicine use. Not 30 days, not 60 days, not 180 days, but 90 days. Period. End of options. 90 days.

In October 2017, I used the CVS Caremark website to request that the company contact a doctor for a prescription of a long-term maintenance medication that they have always handled in an orderly manner. I prepaid for a 90 day supply. CVS Caremark says that the doctor did not submit a prescription to them for a 90 day supply. Instead of contacting the doctor to correct the prescription and/or contacting me, CVS Caremark filled the order for around a 30 day supply and made no adjustment on the amount I had prepaid for a 90 day supply. I was unaware of what they had done until after the order had been shipped.

CVS Caremark refused to adjust the price I was charged, so I initiated an online dispute with the credit card company. The credit card company reversed some of the charges to match what CVS Caremark charges for a 30 day supply if you use one of the local CVS Caremark pharmacies for pickup. That credit card reversal is now final as CVS Caremark did not dispute the chargeback.

CVS Caremark's position is pay for the credit card chargeback or we'll turn the matter over to a collection agency. And if the doctor submits a prescription for a maintenance drug for a time period that isn't allowed in your medical plan, that's just too bad. We're going to ship to you and charge you for a 90 day supply even though you're only going to get maybe a 30 day supply or 60 day supply. We’re not going to call you and advise you of the discrepancy. We don't care. Pay up and shut up. Well, I'm not paying up and I'm not shutting up.

CVS Caremark has a great incentive to hope a doctor doesn't complete the prescription properly so the company can charge you for a 90 day supply but send you far less than what you prepaid for. I would suggest that if CVS Caremark is the company your medical plan uses, then be sure and make the doctor hand the prescription to you and handle everything yourself. Don’t let CVS Caremark get involved in obtaining a prescription, because if you have a really expensive drug you have to take, you may get taken to the cleaners by CVS Caremark. That could literally be thousands of dollars involved for some people.

  • Jul 30, 2016

CVS/Caremark Mail Order Program is a disaster - What a miserable failure of a system that is only a slave to their own ridiculous protocols. Since May 3, I have been trying to get Caremark to fill a 90-day prescription for my diabetic son. It's July 29, and still no insulin has been filled.

Why you may ask? Because Caremark continues to change their story which drug they will pay for Humalog or Novolog. The doctor's office has sent at least 8 prescription requests since May 3.... I have made countless escalated calls to 1-800-552-8159, only to be lost in the circular flood of CSR's who have no authority to think for themselves. Who suffers at the end of this story, my 11-year old child who needs insulin to SURVIVE!

Here is what their Corporate Code of Conduct says on their webpage "At CVS Health, we know that to make a difference, you have to do things differently. So we’re reinventing pharmacy to provide caring expert guidance, new cost-effective solutions, and even more convenient access to care. You might not expect this from a pharmacy or a PBM, but you can expect it from a pharmacy innovation company. That’s CVS Health. We are helping people on their path to better health. It’s our purpose, our promise, our passion…every day."

That's just a d**n lie. My son is evidence of that!

  • Jul 2, 2016

When a doctor has a prescription written for a critical condition a pharmacy's employees should not use the USPS when other locations had always had medication delivered in one to three days. Because of this the multi-billion dollar corporation placed a life at risk and,as usual, it's only concern is to make big profits. Quality control does not exist at the location in Pittsburgh, so if you value your life and wellbeing use a different distribution location and a different corporation.

CVS distribution centers usually send out medication by UPS or FedEx but the one in Pittsburgh took a subscription for a critical condition and used USPS, which has taken over a week and it still didn't arrival. Absurbity generated by greed for big profit has obviously driven the life threatening situation.

Save yourself a lot of pain, suffering, and possibly premature death; use someone else.

  • Nov 24, 2015

My doctor specfically wrote a RX for a drug. CVS mail order sent out a diffrent drug. When I told them they refused to take it back and then charged me for a drug my doctor did not order. After speaking to numerous people CVS sent to collections. When asked to expalin why I should be charged for something I cannot use or was not ordered by by doctor they could care less........

  • Aug 7, 2015

My doctor knows what quantity and dosage of a medication is right for me. However, Caremark will deny prescription insurance claims if the dosage/quantity doesn't match what they say is right. For example, if you are prescribed a medication that is 25mg twice a day, Caremark may not cover it unless it is 50mg once a day. If you look at the math there, it's the same amount of medicine. Two 25mg pills, is the same as one 50mg pill. I've read countless other complaints online about Caremark. They consistently come up with reasons to not cover prescriptions. They've even had to pay the U.S. government millions due to not reimbursing people properly. That is getting off topic slightly, but my point is that if a doctor wants a patient to take 25mg twice a day versus 50mg once a day, Caremark should cover it either way. Let me be clear, they cover the drug that they didn't cover for me. But only in certain dosages. I trust my doctor more than Caremark. Caremark is not a doctor and shouldn't dictate dosages.

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