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Cutting Edge Builders

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Lexington
Address 195 Walnut Grove Rd.

Cutting Edge Builders Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2017

Jake, Jason, and Mitch came a day late and arrived 2.5 hours later than they said they would. Because they came on the wrong day, I had an appointment, during which they "completed" tasks that I know they did not do. After they left I found rotten wood they said they had replaced that they had merely painted. They were supposed to replace 2 fence post and only replaced one. The metal "roof"they installed has holes drilled in it and is popping up in the back where someone fll or stepped on it. The "roof" has no trim and in really just sheet metal screwed to the old shingle roof.

They asked for materials deposit up front, but I would not give them this. I started noticing things amiss after the left. No wonder they were in such a hurry. They wanted to cash the check before I could stop payment. At first I asked if theyd come fix the roof & Jake texted that he would, but when I heard nothing back I reviewed them on HomeAdvisor-- the site that recommended them-- and then they dropped off that site

Do NOT hire them for ANYTHING. Big mistake. Also, Jake is a repeat offender with numerous offenses listed on public safety site. HomeAdvisor NEVER should have recommended him. I am horrified that this person was ever in or at my home.

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