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Curation Suite

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint Paul
Address 78 10th St. E Suite 2004
Phone (612) 460-0177

Curation Suite Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2017

Purchased this software to use in my business. It worked fine for what it was but I found curation was much faster manually so I didnt end up using it.

At the time the funds in my paypal account were not enough so I used my credit card to pay for the initial license (one time cost) and the listening engine which is a yearly cost of $99

I honestly forgot about the subscription (due to not using it) so that was my bad, however, once I noticed the charge to my card I logged in to members area to cancel and politely ask for a refund (within a couple days).

I received confirmation that my support ticket was accepted so I left it at that assuming I would have contact from the company within a week or so.

A week passed and no answer so I tried logging in to the support area to find there was an issue with my password so it ended up locking me out.

I got frustrated and left it for a little while and came back to it.

I submitted another ticket asking them to please resolve my initial ticket.

No answer.

I have since logged back into the support area to find that my tickets had been closed as resolved yet I have had no refund no confirmation of cancellation, nothing!

I have tried logging another ticket but i have been locked out of the support area again.

I have tried contacting them on skype, email, FB, youtube, everywhere I can to get this resolved but they refuse to acknowledge me.

As it stands, the bank can't stop them from billing me again. Im locked out of the support area. I cant get in contact with anyone!


The software is fine however the customer service, support, communication has been terrible. All I want is to cancel the subscription and for my last billing to be reversed.

Note: Excuse the state being Alabama... ROR does not support states / regions for other countries

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