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CTL Corporation

Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 9700 SW Harvest Ct #100
Phone 503-646-3733

CTL Corporation Reviews

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  • Jul 29, 2016

This company has been known for years to be shady and a complete rip off when it comes to warranty.

I purchased a number of computers and monitors from these guys only to learn that they don't make anything. They simply relabel somebody elses product.

Now it's been less than 2 years and most have failed. Every time I send it in for replacement, I get a crappy refurbished unit back. These units have never lasted more than 60 days. They keep sending this crap as if they are just trying to reach the end of the warranty period while playing the shell game with me.

DON'T buy anything from these con artists. I found these other complaints about this company on this website that shows they have been doing the same dishonest business for many years.

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