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Country United States
State California
City Woodland Hills
Address 22900 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100
Phone (844-773-7782)


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  • Oct 17, 2016

We paid $2,695 to CSA Prepstar and they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for us. They put on a good talk online to us and told us that our son would most probably get a baseball schlorship to play baseball in college. The only thing they did was send out our son's baseball profile to 1,200 schools and then we got emails inviting him to camps that cost another $500-600 dollars. CSA Prepstar claimed to give us SAT and ACT prep testing which was never given. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY STAY AWAY.

We went to visit college in June and I repeatedly emailed our contact at CSA Prepstar and he told me he couldn't get in touch with any coaches at any of the colleges to help us set up meetings. I repeatedly called him and emailed him to get in touch with our son to touch base with him on what the next steps were to get a baseball schlorship. He lied and said that somebody named Francsico in his office spent 10-12 hours on video editing and I've never once spoken to or heard of anyone by that name. My son did his own video and sent it to the recruiter. Don't get scammed like we did!

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  • Nov 10, 2019


Explained my financial situation and how I have faith in the plan. The president Jeff responded rudely doubting my Faith. No good. Very unexpectedly rude

  • Oct 4, 2017

My wife received a phone call from an agent named Mike from Prepstar. Right off the bat he lied as he said our High School coach gave him my son's name as a possible recruite for college baseball. From there we accepted a call and prepstar stated that if we signed up with them all we would have to worry about is my son focusing on school.

The site built a profile..........and then basically service really stopped from there. Where we really were suspicious was when we had one college view his profile every day for month or so. It seemed suspicious so we called the coach after he hadn't returned any emails. The coach informed us that he indeed had NOT viewed my son's profile at all. This wasn't the only case. Other cases where coach that viewed his profile hadn't been on coaching staff for 7 years?. All these lead to false expectations.

We had over 200 views on our site, but only 2 every responded to my son's profile or emails. You would think that if they are viewing his profile, then they would reach out. His stats and awards are solid.

Lastly we had to push for conference calls to check in to see what we should be doing. We thought the service was going to work for us, not families doing all the work. On conf call they said to be patient and to keep emailing coaches.

Almost 2,000 later, nothing from prepstar. When you call them out they get defensive and say that they are nationwide and sign kids to big schools such as USC, etc.. Well if that's the case, why do those kids even need prepstar.

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