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Crystal Bay Catering

Country United States
State Alabama
City Boca Raton
Address 1728 Avenida Del Sol, Boca Raton,
Phone (561) 338-4742

Crystal Bay Catering Reviews

  • May 22, 2018

not the brightest bulb in the bunch

Check out Crystal Bay Catering Report on google search "Crystal Bay Caterers | Palm Beach County | Restaurant Inspections" - online on the Tallahassee Democrat. Most Careering companies get like 0 or 1 - this one gets 3 to 5 violations on a regular basis. Just do a general search like "Crystal Bay Caterer sanitation report” What gets me is that you have an inspector in your kitchen, you know he is watching you - for the past +5 years you know they always come and do an inspection in the spring about the same time, and they still catch them doing gross stuff. Makes you wonder what they do when they are not being inspected or during the summer or winter. He even let his business license laps a second time - or perhaps he did go take the test and failed - whatever it is, I would not want to be eating his food with the lack of just comment sense, let alone intelligence.

  • Jun 13, 2019

Inadvertently posted the review and hereby retract the post

Inadvertently posted the review and hereby retract the post

  • Apr 25, 2018

Crystal bay catering chef sam lopiccolo) hosted my friend barbara christmas 2017 for us. Everyone got sick afterward - the food was definitely not good. So after the event and i got time i look into it further. I looked crystal bay caterers up on the internet on fla dept of health inspections. Crystal bay catering chef sam lopiccolo) was inspected as of april 19, 2018 - they have administrative compliant recommendation filed against them - consistent bad sanitation reports over years. They do not even wash their hands before they handle food, it is in the report.

Barbara already did a yelp review on them, but obviously, the word did not get out in time for us – crystal bay catering chef sam lopiccolo) ruined barbara and guests christmas - before you use them you should look this company up on the internet florida health dept. Region 2 •catering license number: cat6013815 – lasts review had an administrative complaint recommended follow-up inspection required) for 5 violations (80% of inspections in boca get 1 or 0.)

Crystal bay catering chef sam lopiccolo) has been reprimanded by fla health department for no brainers like not washing hands before using their bare hands preparing. What a moron chef lopiccolo is, the health dept is in your kitchen, you know you are being watched, and you still do stupid and gross stuff) right in front of them? I can only image what chef sam lopiccolo does when he is not being inspected.

  • Feb 2, 2018

I have had two issues/experiences from this company, sanitation and professionalism – two personal experiences as recent as 11/13/2017 and 11/8/2017. Sanitation is not limited to my experience, google crystal bay caterers sam lopiccolo catering concerning health inspection report - consistent violations and fines and fines going back to 2012 boca raton florida. Professionalism was sam lopiccolo, harassing my wife to make me take down my reviews. Sam lopiccolo finally did contact me, you can read his email directly and judge his professionalism on online report 1412602 “complaint review: university of alabama compliance office

  • Jan 21, 2018

Reported this company for sanitation issues - issues that is already posted on web site of tallahassee democrat. This company responded by trying to coercion my family with phone calls and emails to their work - some through friends. One was so bad i also did a report on to university of alabama department of health services administration - google "university of alabama compliance office code of conduct violation birmingham alabama"

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