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Crystal Bay Caterers

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 1728 Avenida Del Sol
Phone 561-338-4742

Crystal Bay Caterers Reviews

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  • Jul 5, 2017

I have had dealings with this company in the past, and have seen the prep area before and watched the proprietor in action; having had hospitality experience myself, I found the conditions concerning back then, so much so I warned a company in South Florida that I had a relationship with of my concerns, (this included some other past records I found on credit worthiness)

To be fair to this company, that has been over a decade ago. However, when I came across the below report in the Tallahassee Democrat ( I was not surprised at all to see nothing has changed - especially the violation Employee touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands without first washing his hands (I will not tell you where his hands were before he touch the food, but to say it was not a clean and sanitary place would an understatement). Below is a cut a paste of the posting I found, in case the URL is removed or changed. The only real surprise here is why such companies are still in business. Hopefully shining the additional light to such practices will help getting such companies to clean up their act or go out of business before someone really gets sick from food poisoning and dies.

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  • Nov 18, 2019

July 5,2017 post was inadvertently posted

The July 5,2017 post was inadvertently posted with incorrect and wrong information on Crystal Bay Caterers and is herby retracted for the for the sole purpose of none of the information was related to the company

  • Apr 22, 2018

I attended an event Crystal Bay Catering hosted for my friend Barbara did for Christmas at Sea Ranch, everyone got sick and the food was definitely not fresh. So I looked them up on the internet – saw another 1 rip off report already on their Sanitation report, so I looked Crystal Bay Catering up myself on Department of Health. They inspected Crystal Bay on April 19 and they have an Administrative Compliant logged against them for bad sanitation.

Barbara already did a Yelp review on them, but obviously the word did not get out in time for us - I told her you have to use the Rip Off Report, not one looks at Yelp - so I am submitting my own review. This Catering Company ruined my Christmas

Below is cut and paste from health Department , no wonder we all got sick.

Inspection Results & Disciplinary Actions

Crystal Bay Caterers 1728 Avenida Del Sol, Boca Raton ( County)

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