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Crystal Ball Productions

Country United States
State California
City Santa Clarita

Crystal Ball Productions Reviews

  • May 14, 2020

Ray Romeo Antonio Born: 1969 I Meet Ray ( ROMEO ) in 2008 he was prepairing to film a film here in scottsdale arizona and needed more funding to complete the film, I invested into the film and provieded locations for him. at which he filed for 5 days only used cast that was not in the original agrement of cast and shot footage that could never be used to sale or distrubute, a later accounting of the finances showed numerious personal checks and withdrawls, for his personal use. criminal charges are currently pending for fraud as well as a department of corperations investigation into miss use of company funds.

Ray Better known as Romeo antonio is nothing but a fraud and con man, who claimes to be a record and film producer who worked with such artiest ads neyo and tupac and claimed to be a president of santa clerita studios when in fact he had never worked with either artiest and was nothing more then a yes man and stage hand for Mike who at the time was the president of santa clerita studios.

Ray romeo antonio really needs to stop frauding people of honet earned money, for his films that he never produces. but usees the moeny for his own persoanl expenses.

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