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Country United Kingdom
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Phone 1 719 203 7028
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  • Apr 1, 2020


I was told to send money, through PayPal under friends/family to a person other than the person handling my account. It all felt fishy.

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  • Mar 21, 2020

Told me that if I sent to the company wallet my investment amount, that Christine would invest my money and I would have a great return. After three days I received an email from the "company" web site tell me that they had "OVER MINED" MY INVESTMENT AND THAT IT WAS NECESSARY for me to upgrade to the silver plan to continue to have mining to continue.

I was suppost to send $1570.00 to the company wallet and they would complete my mining. According to the company web page (which only buttons that work on it are ones to send them money) I had made $6500.00 ROI, I said I have no issue with using the ROI money to give them the $1570.00, but was told that I could not do this as my mining had not completed. Even though I was told by Christine that ALL activity had halted on my mining do to the over mining, and that I would have to send another $1570.00 to upgrade or all mining would stop and that my mining would be disconneced.

The whole time, I was being told by Christine that I had to complete my mining, I said several times to use the ROI as I was not sending any more money, as I was never told of any plans, etc. She would tell me how they had several people completing their mines and that they were getting big returns, pushing me to send the money to complete my mine. I contacted Maria S on LinkedIn and advised her of what was happening as she was my original contact, and said that "her" company has never lost anyones money, and that it is 100% safe with her company. She said that christine knew what she was doing and that I would need to upgrade to continue.

After several more text messages via Whatsapp, with Christine I requested to speak with a manager to request my money back. I was told that christine's manager would contact me. A short while later I received a call from 719-203-7028 number, I answered it and was hung up on, or disconnected. I called the number back and it was answered and I was hung up on or disconnected. I then received a message on Whatsapp from Scott Williams saying he was a supervisor and that christine said I had an issue with my trade.

I explained my issues with the web page, with the being told I was "over mined" and that mining had stopped on my account. He as well said that I needed to upgrade to the silver plan to be able to continue my mine, I expained to him again that I had no issue in using the $6500.00 ROI to do so but that I was not going to send in anymore money as his company had not showed its self to be ligit. I pointed out several things that were all red flags to me, and was given excuses as to why things didn't work.

Well all this was going on I was receiving several texts from Christine as well pushing me to send in the $1570 and complete my trade. along with several names of people who had done so and completed their trades and other information about bitcoin and others who were investing.

All said and done as of this report (3-22-2020) I have received several more texts from Christine and advertisments about investing in bitcoin and other information, as well as still being told to upgrade and complete my trade. I still refuse to send more money.

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  • Aug 1, 2020


I made my first huge money for the first time. All thanks to cryptostrade-pays company

  • May 28, 2020


They used a reputable business woman account on instagram in order to get customers and then told them to invest. When I invested with them. They then told me afterwards i need to pay 20% of my profit order to withdraw my money. I hope this helps someone. I did not do it but just know it's a scam.

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