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Cryptopia Ltd.

Country New Zealand

Cryptopia Ltd. Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2017

I will put this as short as possible.

I was investing in ICO (CryptoPING) (PING), when it was ICO, got my tokens on Waves wallet and transfered to Cryptopia exchange. To keep them there for longer period.

I didn't login to site, nor check often website. I didn't nor have right now anything else on Cryptopia, thus no reason to login there, I know price of token on other websites, and I didn't have to login.

When price was ok, I was just checking tokens, and on my surprise no tokens there!

Contacted them, and their answer is that thay put notification on their webiste?

Please just imagine, I have 10 or more accounts, different categories etc, if I would need to check website for announcements every day, I would lose hours just reading those.

They didn't send me tokens back from where I sent them, they didn't contact me! Nothing!

Now they say it is not returnable, well those tokens are worth money, so basically they STOLE my money!

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