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CrunchFire Technologies, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 401 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 1400

CrunchFire Technologies, Inc. Reviews

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  • Apr 21, 2016


Steve Repetti is a total fraud! I personally worked with Mr Steve Repetti for over 2 years. And, just like the other report that is listed on this site, I too unfortunately fell victim to Steve's fraud and deception. Everything listed in that report is 100% accurate...Steve is a company killer! He tauts himself as a "start up" expert, but nothing could be further from the truth. He also claims to be a start up "investor", and that is also blatenly false.

He has a well documented history of fraudulently inducing investors to invest in his "portfolio" of start up companies only to misuse those funds for his own personal benefit and then the so called companies that the investments were made for become defunct due to a lack of capital.

He has numerous judgements from other lawsuits where he defrauded investors. He owes the IRS over $3 million in tax liens, and is currently in litigation with his partners from Crunchfire Ventures for the exact same reasons.

My advice is stay as far away from Steve Repetti as possible! He has and will destroy any new venture he is associated with. Despite his public claims of being this "technology dude" with over 20 years exp building new start ups, Steve has yet to have even one single success story. Everythjing he touches turns to s**t!!

Like all good con artists, Steve talks a good game, but don't let that fool you...he is a total SCUMBAG!!!

If you dig deep enough you will find that every word here is true and so is the other report that is listed here.

So, if you are considering doing "business" with Mr Repetti my advice would be to RUN....RUN as fast and as far as possible. You will save yourself a lot of time and no doubt a whole lot of money!!

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