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Cruiser RV, LLC.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Howe
Address 7805 North SR 9 P.O. Box 130
Phone 260-562-3500

Cruiser RV, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2018

Cruiser RV, LLC 7805 North SR 9 P.O. Box 130 Howe, IN 46746 260-562-3500 Re: 2016 Cruiser RV, Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite Model 280QBS VIN: 5RXTD2829G1033999 Purchased new: June 30th, 2016 Synopsis: While living in Arizona we sold our 26ft 2002 Carson toy hauler. We decided to purchase a brand new Cruiser RV, Shadow Cruiser 280QBS Bunkhouse from Luxury RV’s of Arizona for our family to enjoy. We love the outdoors and camping, but the weather in Arizona and Florida require a little more than a tent. This new trailer is a solid fit for our growing family and a nice step-up from what we had... at least it would have been if it weren’t a

complete lemon, falling apart from day one. In August 2016, on our first and only trip cross country, our new trailer fell apart in many ways and became immobile in southern Florida. After a runaround with Cruiser RV’s warranty department that took months, it became mobile again in April of 2017 and was taken to a shop in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s has now been in that shop for a full year. It is being continuously repaired with no use whatsoever. As of April 18th 2018, our new trailer remains in the shop, leaking from every orifice and it has water damage throughout. The factory refuses to make things right, whether that be to replace or buyback the

trailer. The only thing Cruiser RV has done is extended the warranty until May 2018. Cruiser RV says "We recognize you have not been able to use the RV like you wanted but we did extend the warranty by 8 months, until May 30th of 2018. Being the original warranty was 1 year from date of purchase, Cruiser was not obligated to do anything past that.” Further stating "For us to participate further regarding your leak issues, we will need to specifically know, what the manufacturing defect is without reasonable doubt, on how your RV was built incorrectly for us to proceed.” Cruiser RV is trying not to take responsibility for an improperly built trailer

that should have never been sold to the public. Furthermore they are blaming us for wear and tear on a travel trailer that we haven’t been able to use and has sat in the shop for an entire year. After a year and a half of not being able to use our brand new trailer; we requested that Cruiser RV buy back our new travel trailer, which they immediately denied. After the treatment we have received I feel it’s time to expose this company to everyone. Narrative: June 30th 2016, we bought a 2016 Cruiser RV, Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite Model 280QBS VIN: 5RXTD2829G1033999 from Luxury RV of Arizona in Mesa Arizona. We hooked up to our new travel trailer

and returned to our home at the time in Surprise, Arizona. Once home, we noticed the slide wouldn’t operate. After investigating we found the fuse to be popped. We replaced the fuse and it worked properly. We plugged our trailer in to a 30 amp circuit to charge the batteries and noticed our ac would not cool our trailer and the breaker kept tripping. It would run for a short time and then would trip again. I called the dealer and took it back to have them inspect it. Once at the dealer the fuse for the slide popped again. After a few hours at the dealer they said everything was operating properly. We took it to our storage facility and a few weeks later

brought it home to prepare for our first cross country road trip. Batteries were charged, travel trailer was loaded and off to Florida we went. We departed Aug 11th 2016, and our first stop was in New Mexico. The fuse to the slide popped against this stop. I went into the local Walmart and bought a box of 30 amp fuses. Every time we used the slide a fuse would pop. Something was definitely wrong with the electrical system. We then found the plumbing fittings were not properly installed and leaking. The ac kept on tripping the breaker and absolutely wouldn’t cool down the trailer. I tightened all the plumbing fittings stopping the leaks and we

continued on. About 50 miles down the roads weld failed causing the left rear jack to drop and we had to use a strap to hold it up. Days 2-3 we stopped in Texas at an RV park. Again the fuse popped for the slide and the ac continued to trip the breaker. The door began sticking and we noticed it wasn’t square. We began taking notes of all the other problems too. Day 4 we were in Alabama. We decided to get a hotel since the trailer’s ac wouldn’t keep it cool and we had our two small children with us, which completely defeats the purpose of having an RV. That night there was heavy rain and in the morning I found that the nose cap wasn’t

sealed on the trailer. So, again I went to the store and spent unnecessary money, and i bought some sealant to seal the nose cap. Later we found that the majority of the required sealant was completely missing from the trailer. Day 5 we made it to a southern Florida RV park. It was late when we got into town and again the slide fuse popped. The oven would not stay lit and the burners had trouble staying lit. We had two full propane tanks and everything was turned on and connected properly. We stayed at this park for days 6/7/8 before we relocated to another park. At this point the slide would not retract even with a new fuse, I had to

hand crank the slide in. Once at the new park the slide started opening for a brief second before it stopped functioning, again I had to hand crank the slide to the out position. Day 9 we made a list of all the problems the travel trailer had. The door wasn’t square and had problems closing properly, door panels continued to fall off, the floor was beginning to warp like a roller coaster, the propane pressure was so low that the stove and oven wouldn’t work properly, the gas leak detector started randomly going off at all hours of the day and night which repeatedly woke up our infant, the ac wouldn’t keep the trailer cool and kept tripping breakers, the walls

were sweating, the fiberglass slide had started delaminating, the couch has a hard metal spring that started poking through the leather, and sealant was missing everywhere. The rear left jack wouldn’t stay up and we made the dealer aware of the situation. Day 12 to no avail, we tried to get the slide to close. The electric motor won’t budge the slide and when I tried to hand crank the slide in the hand crank snapped off. The motor and ram were both jammed up. Our trailer had become immobile after just two weeks! We made a decision to leave our trailer in this park and made arrangements with the park’s owner. The dealer had us

contact the warranty department of Cruiser RV. We explained our situation and the said they would get back to us.They never did! We returned home without our travel trailer. In the next few months, I was relocating our business from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale and our family to Florida. I continued to stay in contact via phone with the warranty department attempting to get our trailer repaired. The first issue was thatthe warranty was not registered to my wife and I. It took almost two month to get this straightened out with a Cruiser RV. I stayed in the trailer a few times but had to disconnect the gas alarm because it continued to go off at all

hours even with the propane was off. I was getting the runaround every time I called the warranty department. Michael was who I kept speaking with and they wouldn’t authorize a warranty repair of the slide. It wasn’t until I started talking about taking legal action and only communicating via email did things start to get done. In the meantime we completely relocated our family or our new home and business out to Florida. March 2017, Michael from Cruiser RV finally authorized mobile repair seRVice to get our trailer mobile again. We located a certified mobile mechanic and RV inspector through North Trail RV, I paid upfront for an inspection and

estimate for repairs. The first thing the inspector said is this trailer is a lemon and needs to go back to the factory. The mobile repairman/inspector put a report together for Cruiser RV as follows: "Complaint - Slide will no longer extend or retract by the switch. Investigation found that the actuator is bound up, the motor will not run even with an external power source applied. The actuator appears to be warped, most likely the cause of the motor burning out. Fix will be to install a new actuator and motor and insure that the mounting system lines up properly. Complaint - Font side of slide room has delamination damage. Investigation found top of

slide room is poorly sealed allowing water to infiltrate the structure. Fix will have to be a factory rebuild or install a new slide room. Complaint - front cap leaks. Investigation found that there was no caulking of the seams at the factory. The customer applied some silicone caulk while on the road with the unit to stop water infiltration. Further investigation shows that the entire unit is poorly caulked and sealed. Awning track was installed in two pieces and was/is poorly sealed allowing air conditioner condensate to flow down the side of the unit. The following are issues that I uncovered in my inspection: Soft spots in the floor, 1 in the kitchen

isle area and the other is in front of the bathroom. Since you have indicated that you have had no leaks or water floods inside, I can only suggest that the unit had water damage prior to you purchasing this unit. Air Conditioner poorly installed, allowing cold discharge air to be drawn into the return air. Poorly sealed and taped including the discharge vents. It appears that two of the ceiling panels are were not attached properly and is allowing conditioned air to be discharged into the attic space. The unit is very hard to cool because of this issue. Vertical wall between living area and bedroom has a 15 degree tilt at the top into the bedroom,

noticeable as you enter the door to the unit. Cabinet inserts not properly glued and stapled allowing them to fall out. Trim work is failing everywhere in the coach, not enough staples and no glue. Main door appears to be warped at the top right, making the door stick in the jam. Gas system - passed leak down test, however the pressure was measured at 8 inches of water column - the standard is 11 inches. This will cause issues when more than one appliance is running. Gas oven, pilot light won't stay lit past 10-15 minutes, suggest that the gas pressure isn't enough. Propane detector is having false alarms and needs replacing. Really poor build

quality - one example is where a screw driver was used to punch a hole in a wood panel to pass a wire thru the wall - should have been drilled. I'm surprised to see this poor of quality come from Cruise RV. It must have been a bad day on the line to let this coach slip thru their quality control department. My advice is to negotiate a new unit provided by Cruise RV. Many of the items listed are really out of the scope of dealer repairs and would need to be returned to the factory for a refit. Your 'Loss of Use' would be extreme in this situation.” RV Inspection Services, LLC All the above was documented, photographed and sent to Cruiser RV.

Meanwhile, while waiting for approval for the slide to be repaired, we were told to find a shop that would do the warranty work. I contacted Camping world Ft Myers and Dover, La Mesa RV Fort Myers, North Trail RV Ft Lauderdale and Ft Myers, Sun Camper RV, Palm Beach RV and Tropical RV all declined to do warranty work on our travel trailer. The number one reason... We did not purchase our travel trailer from them! Several of these places are Cruiser RV dealers but still turned us away. If your can’t take your RV into a factory dealer for warranty work what good is the warranty? North Trail RV Ft Lauderdale would only review the inspection again

calling the trailer a lemon and said it needs to be returned/replaced by the factory. We in turn contacted our dealer and were informed Arizona has no lemon law for travel trailers and wanted us to work with the warranty department. After a lot of back and forth, Michael from Cruiser RV convinced Camping World of Fort Myers to conduct the warranty repairs. Meanwhile it took several weeks for the parts to ship from Cruiser RV to the mobile mechanic. Near the end of April 2017 the slide was finally repaired and our trailer was mobile again. Cruiser RV agreed it reimburse us for the mobile repairs but then only reimbursed us for part of the service.

The next day we took it directly to Camping World in Fort Myers, 140 miles away. Upon inspection of our trailer at Camping World, the service writer agreed our trailer was a lemon. She said she was told very limited repairs would be made to our trailer. Camping World has actually been very helpful while Cruiser RV has not. After many unreturned emails from Cruiser RV, we found Michael is no longer working for the company. Gentry McConnell was now handling our warranty claim. It has now been at Camping World in the service department for a year. Yes, I said one full year! Camping World has had nothing but problems dealing with Cruiser RV’s

warranty department. For example: the delaminating wall needed completely replaced. Cruise RV was given all the proper numbers from vin, part and color code. Cruiser RV had to manufacture the part and ship it to Camping World, which already takes a lot of time. Three times Cruiser RV manufactured and sent the wrong part to Camping World. This took months and that was only one part! We ended up with a new service writer at Camping World in the process of these repairs. She discovered water damage throughout our trailer, places where water was leaking in and causing more damage. Keep in mind this was one of the original complaints

we had with our trailer that Cruiser RV was well aware of. During the last year we asked Cruiser RV to make this right and all they were willing to do was extend out our warranty until May 2018. We found this extended warranty doesn’t really cover anything. Cruiser RV is claiming to be generous by extending the warranty on a trailer that we have been unable to use because it fell apart after buying it brand new and we should be grateful! This is unacceptable! Cruiser RV requested that Camping World do a seal tech leak test on our trailer. The test showed every possible location on our trailer was leaking. Once the test was complete, results

were sent to Cruiser RV. Cruiser RV then denied the claim. Their response was "What is the manufacturing defect and or what was it that specifically caused the leak, that you found when the seal tech machine was used that was not related to sealants? That is what we need to know.” Camping World responded to Cruiser RV by saying "All the exterior sealant is leaking. Mr. Jacobs was saying he has been having leaks since time of purchase, and doesn’t feel this is due to normal wear and tear.” The warranty claim was still denied by Cruiser RV. Completely fed up, I sent this email to the warranty department manager Gentry McConnell: Mr.

McConnell, At this point it's beyond ridiculous to continue with this. An independent inspector, North Trail RV (Fort Lauderdale) and Camping World of Fort Myers have more than shown time and time again that this specific travel trailer is a complete lemon. The only ones who have failed to acknowledge this fact are those Cruiser RV. I suggested Cruiser RV send a rep to inspect this trailer for themselves but that suggestion went to the wayside. Last week Cruiser RV requested a seal tech leak test, which only backed our initial findings a year and a half ago that every single orifice on this trailer is leaking. Our travel trailer was never sealed

properly from the factory and has been leaking ever sense. Our travel trailer has officially been in the shop for one year this month and we haven't been able to use it for camping since it became immobile in August 2016. This happened only weeks after purchasing it new. I'm not going to recap the extremely long list of problems this trailer has because I feel that I am wasting my time even writing this email. From day one our trailer has been falling apart! We have been more than willing to work with Cruiser RV over this mater and it has not been reciprocal. The travel trailer has been proven to be a lemon; again Cruiser RV is the only one

who persistently ignores it. I will involve the department of consumer affairs, my congressmen, the media, anyone and everyone else I can if need be. I'm completely fed up with the way we have been treated as customers and I am disgusted with the quality of product that Cruiser RV fails to stand behind. We bought a new travel trailer with the belief we were buying a quality product. We upgraded the mattress in the master bedroom, we upgraded the cushions in the dining area and in a year in a half of owning this travel trailer, our family has yet to use or enjoy it! It has caused far more headache than it was ever worth..... more that it

would be worth if it was built right. We no longer want this trailer back, and there is nothing you can do to change that. We are now respectfully requesting a full buyback of this travel trailer from Cruiser RV. This is not an unreasonable request. We have done everything on our end to work with you, and Cruiser RV refuses to take any responsibility. We haven't even received an apology for the inconvenience. None of these problems have been from "wear and tear" because we haven't even used it! Please forward this email and discuss our travel trailer and this situation with the decision maker at Cruiser RV. You may call us with buyback

arrangements. Cruiser RV’s response via Gentry McConnell: Good morning Mr. Jacobs, hope all is well otherwise, I appreciate your concern, in regards to the problem you have had over the time you have owned your RV and I am sure that is upsetting. In your email below you mentioned, Cruiser has ignored our problems but we will have to disagree with you on that. We recognize you have not been able to use the RV like you wanted but we did extend the warranty by 8 months, until May 30th 0f 2018. Being the original warranty was 1 year from date of purchase, Cruiser was not obligated to do anything past that. We see that

you are requesting that Cruiser RV buy back your RV due to the problems you have but Cruiser will not be able to participate in that request. We will however help on any warranty issues you have for the remainder of the extended warranty that we put into place. For us to participate further regarding your leak issues, we will need to specifically know, what the manufacturing defect is without reasonable doubt, on how your RV was built incorrectly for us to proceed. Gentry McConnell Warranty/Tech Service Cruiser RV/ Division of Heartland RV's Conclusion: I have been pretty clear to this point how we have been treated by Cruiser RV and the

current condition of our new travel trailer sitting in the shop that we still cannot use. A lemon is a lemon and needs to be treated as such. Cruiser RV does not stand behind its product and makes it virtually impossible to get any warranty repairs done. An RV salesman told me that trailers are being delivered to dealers that should have never left the factory. The dealers are wanting to do the repairs prior to selling the RVs The manufacturers are denying the repairs and telling them to let the customers find the flaws. This is a major problem! New concerns developed within the last month. There is more water damage throughout the trailer

and if this trailer has been leaking within the walls there is a likely chance it’s developed black mold not to mention more unseen water damage. Being the father of two children with another on the way, this really concerns me. Air pockets were found under the rubber roof and it is not properly sealed to the trailer either. Please keep in mind it has minimal use, it’s been falling apart from day one and has now been in the shop for a year. This trailer is a complete lemon and needs to be treated as such, but Cruiser RV is refusing to take any responsibility. They refuse to make it right and keep trying to put the blame on us for the issues our

trailer is having. This is not how an American company should treat its consumers. I will NEVER buy from Cruiser again, and I would not ever recommend that anyone else purchase a Cruiser RV. We stand our ground on a buyback from Cruiser RV!

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